Eagle Huntress: The True Story of the Girl who Soared Beyond Expectations

Aisholpan Nurgaiv’s triumph as the first female winner of the  Mongolian eagle hunting  competition in 2014 is shared with the world in an award winning movie called Eagle Huntress in 2016. Now she gets to tell her own story in her own words in this book! Aisholpan speaks in a simple yet powerful way. She starts with the day before she was born and ends with her meeting the 7 girls she inspired to compete in the eagle hunting competition in 2017. She describes how she became interested in learning the male sport of Eagle Hunting, how she learned how to care and train an eagle. She also shares  her feelings and impressions from the experiences recorded in the film and the new experiences she has as a nomadic tribeperson at film festivals. Aimed at 3rd – 7th grade, but would also be a compelling family read aloud and will appeal to naturalists of all ages. Compelling especially when describing a traditional Kazakh life.

This book is going to be published in May of 2020.

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