Warcross by Marie Lu

Hacker and bounty hunter Emika Chen is short on cash and options.  When she hacks into the world championship game of Warcross, an online game everybody plays, she can’t pass up an opportunity to grab a power up equal to her monthly rent payment.   It was grand opportunity, but once she grabbed the power up the whole world, including Warcross founder Hideo Tanaka, knew she had hacked in.   Instead of finding the police banging on her door the next morning, she instead has a phone call from Hideo asking her to come to Tokyo for a meeting.   Turns out someone else is hacking into Warcross and Hideo needs Emika to track that person down.   As part of her cover Emika is drafted on to a Warcross team, and has to dig into her team mates personal lives.  As she digs Emika begins to realize that the Warcross plot goes far deeper and is more dangerous than she dreamed.

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