Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder (2017)

Fall into this timeless book and get caught up in the word of Orphan Island. It’s a place governed by rules and magic and nature. Idyllic. Until one of the nine kids decides to break the rules…

Snyder treats world-building very differently than most fantasy authors. She does not share the background of the magic, nor does she sketch a complete world. She is interested in her wonderfully real characters and what they will do next.

This is NOT a book for folks who need all the loose ends tied up nor is it a book to pick up if you are feeling fragile or lost. You need your wits about you to read this book and definitely a friend to talk to, preferably one who’s also just read this book! Because so much is left open at the end, you will desperately want to talk to someone about this book. So, hurry up and read it so I can talk to YOU!

I would be surprised if Orphan Island wasn’t mentioned as a contender for the Newbery.

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