Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon

What would you do to impress your crush? What lengths would you go to? Sunny Dae never thought he would be the type of guy to change anything, but when he met Cirrus Soh for the first time it ends with Sunny telling her that he is the frontman for a metal band instead of the D&D/LARPing nerd that he is in real life. His lie only keeps snowballing from there and results in his two best friends learning how to play rock music for the upcoming school talent show. Sunny starts to like his new persona and the newfound attention he starts to get from Cirrus and the rest of the school, but as you can imagine, it is only a matter of time before his ever increasing lies catch up to him.

Super Fake Love Song is another fun, contemporary novel from David Yoon. If you enjoyed Frankly in Love or are just in the mood for a funny, rom-com book, Super Fake Love Song is definitely a recommend.


Like a Love Story

“Like a Love Story” is about friends, family, acceptance, finding love, and so much more. It is 1989 in New York City, and Reza just moved to the city after his mom remarried and started his last year of high school. He knows deep down he is attracted to men, but he is afraid of admitting the truth out of fear that his mom won’t understand and that he could contract AIDS – a pandemic disproportionately affecting the gay community.

Reza’s fears are challenged like they have never been before when he meets Art and Judy, who attend his high school. Art is also gay, but he is out and proud. He also is member of ACT UP – an activist organization protesting government inaction over the AIDS crisis. Judy is Art’s best friend and an aspiring fashion designer. All three feel out of place in their high school and the larger world. All three are searching for love and acceptance from their families and each other. Reza begins to date Judy to hide his true feelings for Art. Judy eventually learns the truth about Reza and Art, and it tests all three of their relationships.

“Like a Love Story” is not just about finding acceptance from the families are born into but also finding and creating families that we choose for ourselves.

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