Elvis is King!

Jonah Winter and Red Nose Studio have teamed up to create an incredible, fun book about Elvis’ childhood for kids! It relays, in short emotive prose, what if felt like to grow up dirt poor, hungry, and amazed by one’s first cheeseburger. The book deals frankly with the issue of Elvis’ appropriation of Black music in a way a kid can understand. The art is unbelievable: Red Nose Studio’s 3-D illustrations are handcrafted from wire, fabric, wood and found objects. The illustrations make the story and are endlessly fascinating and sweetly affecting. The book ends in 1956 when he’s just recorded The  Heartbreak Hotel for RCA at the beginning of his blockbuster career.

Don’t miss this book — sure to be a Caldecott contender! It can introduce a whole new generation to Elvis and bring back memories for the kids’ grandparents (or great grandparents.) Come to our Elvis Presley Sing a Long on August 9th!




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