Clean Getaway by Nic Stone

William “Scoob” Lamar has been suspended from school and his dad, who’s always hard on him is not pleased.  Scoob thinks this suspension is going be a huge drag until his G-ma pulls up one day in an RV and says they’re going on a road trip.  Scoob loves hi G-ma, so he doesn’t think twice about ditching his dad and his suspension to go on an adventure with her.  Little does Scoob know what a life altering adventure he’s in for.  Using his grandpa’s old Green Book and G-ma’s old maps, they start on a journey that Scoob’s G-ma and G-pop never got to finish.  Along the way Scoob learns things about his G-pop, who died in prison and G-ma that he never knew.  But as the first few days roll past G-ma starts acting stranger and stranger.  He catches her changing their license plates, she won’t answer his dad’s calls and she keeps calling Scoob by his grandpa’s name.  Scoob loves his grandma, but he’s not sure he wants to see this road trip through as G-ma’s behavior grows more and more erratic each day.

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