"To be or not to be?" Hamlet goes global.

April 23, 2014

Tennant_and_Tchaikowsky_as_Hamlet_and_YorickToday is William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. In celebration, the Globe Theatre in London announced that it will begin a 2-year long tour of Hamlet, staging a production in every nation in the world. As the Bard’s most iconic play, it’s a story that nearly every culture can relate to, and as Globe Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole told NPR’s Rene Montagne this morning, the tour is a bold, stupid idea…”and the great thing about bold and stupid ideas,” he says, “is that people understand them very swiftly. So when we go out to people around the world and say, very simply, ‘We are taking Hamlet to every country in the world,’ they immediately get the fun of it and the ambition of it.”

Listen to the whole interview.

Barbara L.


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