Want to Stream Prince? You Can Only Do It Through the Library

May 11, 2016

princeWhen Prince died, a tidal wave of nostalgia swept the nation.  All at once people wanted, no, needed to hear the full album of Purple Rain.  To listen to something unique and entirely Prince-like.  So imagine everyone’s surprise when it was discovered that sites like Spotify simply do NOT stream Price.  Prince covers?  Sure.  But Prince himself?  It just wasn’t happening.

Not our library members, though. Smart cookies would have gone to our free streaming service, Hoopla, and discovered that it is the ONLY place you can get instant Prince.  All 23 of his albums are available to our patrons at all times.  So when you need some Prince, but you don’t want to have to pay, just use our free app.  It’s the library that has your Prince hook-up.  Thanks, Hoopla.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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