A Mighty Wind Part II

May 7, 2010

Following up on Monday’s post about Cape Wind, this just in from this week’s Chicago Reader: a strange confluence of wind-powered happenings right here in Evanston. The Evanston City Council has begun looking into erecting a 40 turbine wind farm in Lake Michigan. In mid-April the Council issued a request for information on the project in order to research the feasibility and possible benefits of such a farm for the Evanston community. Will the Evanston wind farm stir up the same kind of controversy as Cape Wind? Time will tell. And in other wind related news, Windfall, a new documentary film about the downside of wind power will be screening in Evanston tonight, 05/07/10, at the Hinman Theater in the Hotel Orrington as part of the Talking Pictures Festival. Check out the Reader article for the full story.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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