An Interview with Margaret Atwood, a master of the dystopic future

October 1, 2013

Yesterday on the CBC’s evening program “Q,” Margaret Atwood, award-winning Canadian author, spoke with program hatwood_670ost Jian Ghomeshi about her new book MaddAddam, third in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. The first and second titles in the trilogy are Oryx and Crake (2003) and The Year of the Flood (2009). Their conversation focused on the fact that Atwood chose to create an earth destroyed, or nearly so, by mismanagement of advances in science that arose from our own times. Atwood commented, “Although MaddAddam is a work of fiction, it does not include any technologies or biobeings that do not already exist, are not under construction or are not possible in theory.” Click here for the full interview.

Barbara L.


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