And Now For Everyone’s Favorite Game: What’s That In the Dropbox?

October 26, 2018

A library is a depository for books. That is common knowledge. Any child could tell you as much. But as it happens, libraries also receive an untold number of items that have nothing at all to do with literature. Case in point out latest donation. It’s big. It’s red. It features an outdated form of technology currently enjoying a revival amongst hipsters and college students. What is it?

If you guessed, “A record player that only plays 45s” you are correct!

Now don’t get too excited. First off, we’ve already found a lovely home for it, so no. You cannot have it. Second, the needle is broken, so even though it came with a floppity little record inside, we can’t play it. Third, it has no speakers. But while it may not be the most practical gift we’ve ever gotten, it certainly is one of the prettiest.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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