Announcing the Collection Advisory Committee of Evanston Public Library

November 9, 2020

(top l-r) Deshana Newman, Elizabeth Averyhart, Traci Powell (below l-r) Anya Tanyavutti, Candice Shakur, Chaga Walton

Evanston Public Library is pleased to announce the formation of the Collection Advisory Group of Evanston Public Library. Formed with Collection Development Manager Elizabeth Bird, the committee will aid in the purchase of materials for the Black community of Evanston, IL. Members of this group include Deshana Newman, Elizabeth Averyhart, Traci Powell, Anya Tanyavutti, Candice Shakur and Chaga Walton.

At this time suggestions from the group have led to a partnership with Afriware Books, an independent Black-owned bookstore that will provide the library with purchases in 2021. The group is also looking into the future formation of a Black Literary Festival as well as new ways to make the collections of EPL accessible and equitable, even in the midst of a pandemic.

If you are interested in receiving a monthly newsletter of the committee’s actions, please email Elizabeth Bird at


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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