Art at EPL Scavenger Hunt!

April 4, 2023

The Evanston Public Library is a vast and mysterious place filled with hidden treasures. How many can you find? Take our scavenger hunt and find out! (And don’t be afraid to ask us for help!)

These sisters have been helping one another out for almost a century in the library. This is just a copy, but many believe the original was purchased by none other than Michael Jackson.

This little squawker may not look like much, but he’s overseen many live peregrine falcon bandings here in the library. 

An elegant and beautiful parasol of the past. How many balls did it attend back in the day?

No, it’s not the underside of the library van. Where can you spot this eclectic and original piece of art?

This woodblock print dates back to 1955 and is called “Jazz II”. Where’s it hiding?

The artist of this sculpture (one of two called “Bookends”) was tapped to provide a sculpture for the new Obama Presidential Library in Chicago. There’s only one place inside the library that you can spot it, though.

Find the library love! 

Is it an upside down ice cream cone? A soaring tower? Where can you find these colorful hangings?

There are lots of tiny sculptures in the library but only one features a cutout of Evanston, Illinois itself!

What’s the one place in the library where you can actually look directly down at the books?

We definitely have a lot of books in the library but these are the only ones made of porcelain.

In the past, we’ve had rules about no sleeping in the library, but this young girl has been snoozing here for more than a century. Where’s her favorite place to nap?

Art is everywhere in the library but rarely is it so modern!

Don’t be fooled. This window isn’t as real as it first appears.

Chances are you’ve passed this art hundreds of times and never noticed. Where can you find it?

Wilfred of Ivanhoe is waiting for you somewhere. Come and find him!

Some might argue that this piece is found in the BEST place for Black Girl Magic.

Our falcons don’t just soar outside our library but inside it too! Seek them out.

Is that Ramona Quimby? We’re not sure but there certainly is a resemblance.

How lucky are we? Most libraries have flowers sprouting out of the ground. Ours? They descend from the sky.

You probably first encountered Peter in The Snowy Day and met his dog in Whistle for Willie. This piece is a replica of a larger statue found in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Try and find it!

Caldecott Honor winning artist Elisha Cooper created a host of wooden signs for the children’s room based on famous Evanston locations and symbols. Do you know where this is?

You step on these all the time in Evanston as they fall from our trees. Do you know where this is in the library too?

Poetry is often the best way to lead people into the library. Be sure to notice the footprint as well!


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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