Black Cultural Arts and Storytelling Initiative

March 1, 2023

This summer, in support of increasing Black cultural arts and storytelling at EPL, we are co-hosting a performance of 1619: The Journey of a People – A Musical by Ted Williams III. As stated on their website, The multi-disciplinary theater experience of 1619: The Journey of a People is expressed through three modern characters in a series of performance pieces  that will leave audiences both inspired and challenged about the progress of America’s African sons and daughters. The production of 1619 features a dynamic cast of singers, actors, spoken word artists, and dancers who reflect on the past while tackling critical contemporary social issues.”  EPL, Fleetwood Jourdain Theater, and ETHS will co-host two performances: a student version for 1,400 students at Evanston Township High School in May, and an abbreviated outdoor-stage version at the City of Evanston’s Juneteenth Commemoration on June 17, open to all.


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