Book Covers: Amazing, Arresting, and Artistic

November 1, 2011

It’s time for another look at standout, beautifully designed book covers. I’ve gathered examples that are attention-getting and cleverly convey a message about the content of the book.

What I have seen in my recent forays into cover art is that some              designers opt for simplicity. I find that a portion of the simpler covers are very effective and the rest leave me feeling about as blank as the cover, wondering what the message is or why there’s an such an abundance of empty space. (To the right is the cover for One Red Paper Clip. )

Others, however, offer intricate and involved art, graphics or collages of different elements arranged with skill.

Here are my favorite fairly recent covers and links that will take you to current articles about book covers. (There are links to much older outstanding designs, as well.) The comments from artists on the Huffington Post provide insight into the process of creating book covers.

Links to a few places comparing cover art.

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