Witch Hat Atelier

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Witch Hat Atelier

Title: Witch Hat Atelier
By: Kamome Shirahama
Published: 2019
Call #: YA Graphic Shira.K v. 1

“Witches are born, not taught.” But is this really true? In this fast-paced adventure, Coco, a young girl with an obsession with magic, will stop at nothing to find out! 

When Coco spies on a real witch casting a spell, she learns spells are not told or written – They are drawn. Trying some for herself has disastrous consequences though, setting Coco off on a journey to learn magic that she always dreamed of, but for reasons she could have never imagined.  Seen as an outsider by others, Coco tries her hardest to make things right, but seems to find trouble at every turn.

Will Coco ever master the art of magic? Will she win the acceptance and friendship of other witches? Will she ever see her family again?

You’ll have to see for yourself!


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