Introducing the Read-Ability Book Group

The public library is a place for everyone in the community; it’s a third space where, in addition to home and school or work, you are known and welcome. Read-Ability for Adults with Cognitive Disabilities The Evanston Public Library hosts the Read-Ability book group, a group for adults with cognitive disabilities, once a week. Meetings […]

Four New Libraries “Pop-up” in Evanston

EPL is one of just five libraries in the country to offer this innovative service. Want to read a new book but can’t make it to the library? No problem. No library card? You don’t need one. With the EPL launch of pop-up libraries, you can check out a digital book in locations across Evanston […]

Technology Trainers Add Personal Touch to Library’s Digital Services

It’s difficult these days to live our lives without being dependent on the computer. To work, to find a job, for school, for health information, to manage our finances, to communicate, or just to have fun, we turn to our digital devices. Not having the computer skills to do these things is to miss out […]

Discover a Bounty of Credible Digital Reference Information

By Karen Danczak Lyons, Library Director The breadth and depth of reference materials at the Evanston Public Library is outstanding – but most don’t know how much of it is digital. Being able to provide the entire community with access to credible information resources is a crucial role of any library. For good research options […]

Automatic Renewal Means Greater Convenience and Fewer Fines

Automatic renewals have started!! Now eligible items will renew automatically, giving you more peace of mind as well as more time with library materials. So what do you need to do? Nothing! How automatic renewal works Eligible items checked out on your account will automatically renew up to 2 times. You don’t need to do […]

Evanston Organizations Join in Equity Statement

Over the past several years leading institutions across Evanston have embraced an equity agenda focusing on addressing issues of race, racism and bias. We have stepped forward to have honest and open dialogue and discussions about racial equity. We have also stepped forward to offer racial equity training opportunities that include, among others, Beyond Diversity […]

Libraries Must Create Space That Lets Teens Thrive

This is one in a series of occasional perspective pieces the Evanston Public Library will be publishing on the ever evolving role of the library in our community. By Renee Neumeier, Young Adult Services Supervisor “The Loft is a great place to go when you don’t want to go home.” That is a quote from […]

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