Check Out Our List of 2019’s 101 Great Books for Kids!

Just released! 101 Great Books for Kids of 2019If you want to find THE best recommended list of books for kids, you needn’t look any further than Evanston Public Library. Oh, Chicago has their list, and New York’s is fine, but you may never find the level of love and dedication as is evident on ours. For 10 months of the year, EPL employees use their free time to read as many children’s books as possible. The sheer scale of it would blow your mind. Then, we whittle them down to a mere 101 so that you, oh seekers of great books for children, will have access to the best of the best of the best. Use the list for buying books, giving gifts, or checking out books from the Library.

Read more and find the list here or pick up a copy at any EPL location. Happy Reading!


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