Chill out and get cozy with our summer hygge series

The Evanston Public Library is bringing hygge to everyone. Hygge is the Danish concept referring to finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things, such as a cozy atmosphere.

“Summer can get hectic for people,” says the Library’s Kellye Fleming. “Many Evanstonians are making up for lost time from the pandemic. Hygge is about finding joy in the small things. Take a moment to breathe and have a creative outlet.”

So far, the Library has hosted an LGBTQ+ book swap, a puzzle swap and a plant swap as a part of the series.

Later this summer, it will host a cookbook swap and a “bad art” night.

“We are always thinking about what people have at home they can refresh,” says Fleming. “House plants are a trendy thing right now. For the plant swap, people bring notes on how to care for the plant.”

Other ways people practice hygge:

  • Candles. Candles everywhere.
  • Mountains of blankets. Blankets make everything feel better.
  • Throw pillows. Dozens of them.
  • Teacups and saucers to sip and snack from.
  • Plenty of warm beverages on hand.
  • Soft lighting.
  • Plenty of good books to read. (We’ve got you covered.)
  • A drawer full of warm socks.

The next event in the summer hygge series is Sunday, July 31, at Robert Crown. Focused on scrapbooking, it is a drop-in event from 1 to 3 p.m. – no registration required. For more information, visit


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