Epilepsy Services for Northeastern Illinois

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Counseling Services for people whose lives are touched by epilepsy. ESNI staff has found a significant improvement in attitudes and patterns of adjustment when these difficult and painful feelings are expressed and death with by a professional counselor attuned to the unique characteristics of epilepsy. Support groups interrupt the sense of isolation and alienation commonly experiences among the seizure-disordered and their families, as well as providing accurate and reliable information about epilepsy. These groups are dedicated by a staff counselor. The components of the counseling program offer an opportunity for clients to deal with the personal meanings and adjustment to epilepsy. ESNI’s newsletter, EPILIFE, is our most effective communication tool. Community Education Programs are held throughout the year. The programs are held in hospitals and are publicized va EPILIFE, media releases and mailing and distribution of flyers.

Eligibility Criteria: People whose lives are touched by epilepsy.
Fee Policy: ESNI is a United Way agency rich in resources.
Intake Process: Call for an appointment.

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