Cook County Law Office of Public Defender

69 W. Washington Suite 1600 Chicago, Illinois
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Phone Number
(312) 603-0600
(312) 603-9860
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The Public Defender is appointed by the judge when an individual is not able to afford an attorney (55 ILCS 5/3-4006). A Public Defender should be available to individuals at the time of the first court appearance. The Public Defender provides legal representation in the areas of criminal, misdemeanor, juvenile justice, child protection, paternity, appeals, post-conviction and traffic cases.

Website has links to what to do if someone has been arrested, someone is in need of services, someone is in custody, or someone has a court date.

Also has a link to an Inmate Locator, to help find where someone is being held.



Public Notes

The Public Defender's website provides links to a "response to police questioning" card, in English and Spanish.  It also has a Guide To The Criminal Justice System, designed for those charged with felonies, a Guide to Juvenile Court, and a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Public Defender's Office.  

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