Legal Services

Parent Organization: American Bar Association

A free service that answers civil (not criminal) legal questions for low-income residents of Illinois.  After logging in to the website, answer a few questions to see if you qualify to use this service.  Those who qualify can ask volunteer attorneys a specific question about your civil legal issue.  You’ll receive an email telling you when your question receives a response, and then can log back in to see the response to your question and ask more questions.

Address: 150 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 600, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 312-201-9740
Fax: 312-201-9760
Parent Organization:

The ACLU of Illinois provides legal assistance to residents of Illinois whose civil liberties or civil rights have been violated.  The website states that “The ACLU of Illinois solely takes cases where the incident occurred in the state of Illinois, or cases involving residents of Illinois. The organization is not a provider of general legal services; it only litigates cases where there has been a violation of a person’s civil rights, primarily by the government. We do not practice criminal law or generally take cases where rights have been violated by a private entity. After receiving your request, it may take up to two weeks to receive a response from the Intake Department. As such, if your case is extremely time-sensitive, you may wish to consult a private attorney. The ACLU of Illinois cannot provide legal advice unless the organization has accepted your case. The receipt of and/or response to your inquiry does not indicate the acceptance of your case. “

Parent Organization: Legal Aid Illinois

Este sitio ofrece información legal para ayudar a que los residentes de Illinois resuelvan sus problemas legales.

Address: 375 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Bluhm Legal Clinic
Phone Number: 312.503.8576 or 312.503.4472 TDD
Fax: 312.503.8977

Bluhm Legal Clinic is staffed by Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law students, under the supervision of experienced faculty members. There are 14 centers, addressing a variety of legal issues, many of which accept cases at low or no cost, if the case is accepted by the Clinic. The Centers include the Appellate Advocacy Center, Bartlit Center for Trial Advocacy, Center for Criminal Defense, Center for Externships, Center for International Human Rights, Center on Negotiation and Mediation, Center on Wrongful Convictions, Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, Children and Family Justice Center, Civil Litigation Center, Entrepreneurship Law Center, Environmental Advocacy Center, Investor Protection Center, MacArthur Justice Center, and Prison Reentry Strategies.

Public Notes:

If you are seeking legal assistance from one of the centers of the Bluhm Legal Clinic, please write a one-page letter describing your case and send to

Website Address:
Phone Number: 312-738-9200

The CARPLS Legal Aid Hotline helps thousands of low-income families find answers to everyday legal problems including housing, employment, education, consumer debt, divorce, guardianships, estates, injuries to person or property, public benefits, health care and more. Whatever the legal problem, CARPLS’ experienced attorneys can help clients better understand their rights and the remedies available to them under the law. Our attorneys do not represent clients in court. If in-court representation is required, the CARPLS attorneys will assist with a referral to an appropriate full-service legal aid agency if one is available. The Hotline service is free to low-income residents of Cook County. The CARPLS’ Hotline is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM,  and on Monday and Wednesday evenings until 7:30 PM.

Public Notes:

CARPLS also runs several in-person advice desks to provide free help to unrepresented parties. The advice desk topics and locations are:

– Domestic Relations Advice Desk | Self Help Center | CL-16 Richard J. Daley Center
– Municipal Court Advice Desk | Self Help Center |CL-16 Richard J. Daley Center
– Collection Advice Desk | Court Room 1401 |Richard J. Daley Center
– Administrative Hearings Advice Desk | City of Chicago | 400 W. Superior

Address: Archdioscese – 835 N Rush St, Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Monsignor Michael M. Boland, Administrator and CEO
Phone Number: 312-655-7700 (Catholic Charities) and 312-534-8200 (Archdiocese)
Parent Organization: Archdiocese of Chicago

Oversees more than 150 programs in Cook and Lake counties, serving families and individuals of all ages. Service Programs. Evanston residents are not limited to, but may first contact  North Region, 1717 Rand Rd., Des Plaines, IL, 847-376-2121.

Address: 79 W. Monroe Street, Suite 919, Chicago, IL
Website Address:
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 312- 376-1880
Fax: 312- 376-1885

A nonprofit organization which provides legal services to low-income residents of Cook County, Illinois who are either elderly or who have permanent disabilities.

CDEL volunteer attorneys represent eligible individuals with a broad range of civil legal matters, including: Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, Wills & Probate, Landlord/Tenant, Collections, Special Education, Real Estate & Mortgage Foreclosure, Family Law, Financial Elder Abuse, Family Law, ADA Discrimination, and Consumer Fraud.

Address: 321 S. Plymouth Ct., Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Lawyer Referral Service
Phone Number: (312) 554-2001
Parent Organization: Chicago Bar Association

If you are looking for a lawyer in Cook County or one of the surrounding counties, the Chicago Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service has over 300 prescreened, qualified lawyers experienced in almost every area of law. The service can refer you to attorneys experienced in over 40 areas of law, including the following:
– Domestic Relations (including divorce, custody, support and other family law matters);
– Personal Injury (including auto accidents, slip and falls, products liability, wrongful death, malpractice and other types of injury cases);
– Estate Planning (including will drafting, trusts, probate and will contests);
– Real Estate (including buying or selling real estate, foreclosure defense, and landlord-tenant issues);
– Employment Law (including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination); and
– Numerous other areas of law.

If you meet with the lawyer you are referred to, the lawyer will collect $30 at the initial consultation.  Any other fees should be negotiated directly with the lawyer prior to the meeting.

You can also speak to a lawyer for free on the 3rd Saturday of every month, with the CBA’s Call-A-Lawyer program.  Call (312) 554-2001 from 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the program dates to speak to a volunteer Lawyer Referral Service attorney for general legal advice and self-help strategies.

See website for after-hours lawyers available on call for Criminal Defense, Domestic Relations/Family Law, and Personal Injury.

Public Notes:

Hearing impaired individuals can call (312) 554-2055.

For a referral out of Illinois, please visit the ABA National Directory.

Address: 211 W. Wacker Drive Suite 750, Chicago, Illinois (Downtown Office)
Phone Number: 773-731-1762
Fax: 773-731-4264

The Chicago Legal Clinic is a not-for-profit organization which offers low cost legal services on a sliding-scale, based on ability to pay, to residents of Cook County. Services available in English and Spanish at several Chicago neighborhood locations.

Programs and Services and Legal assistance: adoption, bankruptcy, child custody and support, debt elimination, divorce, employment, environmental issues, guardianship, immigration, landlord-tenant, real estate transactions, Social Security benefits, traffic accidents, wills and probate, worker compensation.

Public Notes:

Family Law Questions & Answer Sessions
Who: Sponsored by the Chicago Legal Clinic free of charge
When: Every Tuesday, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Room 1905, Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602
What: Individual litigants submit questions anonymously which are then addressed in a group setting by volunteer attorneys. Topics can cover family law-divorce, paternity, allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time, child support, domestic violence, court procedures, court rules, and Illinois law. Pencils and paper are provided.

Website Address:
Phone Number: 312.332.1624
Fax: 312.332.1460

CVLS is an organization of over 3,000 volunteer attorneys who donate free legal services to thousands of low-income Chicagoans. Our services are free, accessible and real.

With 22 legal clinics across the Chicago area, hosted evenings and weekends at community organizations and churches, where you can talk with an attorney about your legal problem, CVLS works to ensure that everyone has access to justice, not just those who can afford it.

Public Notes:

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Friday

Address: 565 West Adams Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL
Contact Email:
Phone Number: (312) 906-5050
Fax: (312) 906-5299

The Law Offices of Chicago-Kent is a teaching law firm with a dual mission—to provide high-quality clinical education to more than 150 student interns and externs who enroll each semester, and to deliver outstanding and competitively priced legal services to our clients.

We offer client legal services in the following practice areas – please note that all of the attorneys charge legal fees for their services:

Criminal Defense Litigation
Plaintiffs Employment Discrimination
Civil Rights Litigation
Entrepreneurial Law
Family Law
Immigration Law
Vaccine Injury Law
Open Government
Tax Law

Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 1454 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, IL
Contact Person: Demitrous Cook, Police Chief
Phone Number: 847-866-5000, TTY: 847.866.5095

The police department is committed to a Partnership with the Evanston community, serving it professionally and lawfully. All members of the department strive to enhance this Partnership with the community and to solve problems as part of his or her daily tasks, recognizing that maintenance of the highest standards of ethics and integrity is imperative for the continued improvement of local policing in Evanston. The Evanston Police Department is committed to fostering values that serve a diverse population and its needs.

In addition to its focus on the Partnership, the department esteems the following values for its members:
• Integrity
• Courtesy
• Professionalism in upholding the law
• An organizational climate of trust and respect
• Respect for tradition while encouraging an atmosphere that allows for innovation and change

Address: 1454 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, IL
Contact Person: Demitrous Cook, Police Chief
Phone Number: 847-866-5000 OR dial 311 locally

The police department is committed to a Partnership with the Evanston community, serving it professionally and lawfully. All members of the department strive to enhance this Partnership with the community and to solve problems as part of his or her daily tasks, recognizing that maintenance of the highest standards of ethics and integrity is imperative for the continued improvement of local policing in Evanston. The Evanston Police Department is committed to fostering values that serve a diverse population and its needs.

In addition to its focus on the Partnership, the department esteems the following values for its members:
• Integrity
• Courtesy
• Professionalism in upholding the law
• An organizational climate of trust and respect
• Respect for tradition while encouraging an atmosphere that allows for innovation and change.

Address: 1454 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston IL
Phone Number: 847-866-5015
Parent Organization: Evanston Police Department

Victim Services provides social services to crime victims and witnesses and to residents seeking social service assistance in non-crime situations.

Additionally services provided include:

  • Crisis Intervention Counseling, Information and Resources for Crime Victims and Witnesses
  • Medical Advocacy for Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence and Physical Abuse cases.
  • Referrals or Assistance in obtaining Orders of Protection
    Court Advocacy to assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice system, including status on court dates and meetings with State’s Attorney
  • Assist Domestic Violence Victims with Warning Signs of Domestic Violence, Safety Planning and provide Shelter Referrals.
  • Assist eligible Victims with filing for Monetary Reimbursement under the Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Act
  • Personal Advocacy such as interceding with employers so that Victims and Witnesses may attend court and intervening with medical billing issues related to injuries sustained during crime
  • Legal Resources and Referrals regarding Domestic Violence & Custody Issues
Address: 2100 Ridge Ave. Evanston, IL
Contact Person: Devon Reid, City Clerk
Phone Number: 847-448-4311, or 311 locally.

The City Clerk attends all City Council meetings and produces the official minutes of all City sponsored meetings. All ordinances and resolutions are processed through this office and kept as permanent records in the municipal library. The municipal code is updated throughout the year by ordinances that amend the code. The Clerk is the custodian of books, records, and papers of the City of Evanston. The City Clerk is the only full-time elected official.

The City Clerk provides many important services to Evanston residents. Premier among the office’s programs is its election services, with its primary goal to provide the greatest convenience to voting. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for all matters involving elections, and the Clerk is the local election official. Evanston residents can register to vote in the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s election duties include, but are not limited to, voter registration and re-registration, receiving nominating petitions, and supplying absentee ballot request applications.

The Clerk is the custodian of the City and Township Seal and affixes its impression on documents when required. By state statute, the Clerk is the keeper of the City’s records which includes minutes and ordinances, distributing, publishing and providing security for legal documents such as ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, agreements and minutes of the City Council meetings.

The Clerk is also involved in the verification and distribution of temporary handicapped parking placards. All petitions and communications addressed to the City Council are received by the Clerk and communicated by the Clerk at Council meetings. The Clerk also issues notices of regular and special meetings of the City Council.

Those interested in obtaining information from the City Clerk’s office may request it by filing a Freedom of Information Act request either by phone, email, fax or in person. Citizens can also obtain FOID (Firearm Owner Identification) Card applications from the Clerk’s office as well. All of the services that have been mentioned are available Monday thru Friday from 8:30 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. The Clerk’s Office is closed on weekends and established recognized Holidays.

Address: 50 West Washington Street Chicago, Illinois
Phone Number: 312-603-5030

The Self Help Center has links to resources for self-represented (pro se) litigants appearing before the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Topics include:

  • Finding An Attorney, Family, Juvenile, Adoption and Name Change
  • Criminal Cases and Traffic Offenses
  • Lawsuits, Injuries, Small Claims and Debts
  • Going to Court
  • Housing
  • Self Help Resources in and around the Daley Center
  • Wills, Probate, Estates and Guardianship


Public Notes:

The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County provides access to Cook County Court Forms and online access Case Documents from cases before the Circuit Court of Cook County.  You can also find links to Circuit Court of Cook County and Illinois Court rules here.  

Address: Domestic Relations Division 50 West Washington Street Richard J. Daley Center Office of the Presiding Judge – Suite 1901A Chicago, IL
Phone Number: (312) 603-3025 Main Office
Fax: (312) 603-8453 FAX
Public Notes:

This website gives free information about Orders of Protection in the Cook County Court system, including who is protected, who may file for an Order of Protection, how and where to file an Order of Protection, and contact information for organizations that will assist victims of domestic violence who cannot afford an attorney.

Address: 50 W. Washington St. Room 2900 Chicago, Illinois
Contact Person: Montell Davenport, Executive Law Librarian
Phone Number: (312) 603-5423
Fax: (312) 603-4716
Parent Organization: Cook County

Cook County Public Law Library

The public can access the law library catalog online, access self-help legal resources, conduct legal research online, view Cook County Ordinances online, contact reference staff for assistance with legal research, or visit the law library to access electronic resources such as Westlaw and Lexis, and to visit the library’s Self-Help Web Center. Hours: M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Open Sat: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for attorneys presenting a current ARDC card and current photo ID, and for litigants presenting official court papers stamped within a year and current photo ID. Sun: Closed.

See also: Skokie Branch:
5600 Old Orchard Road
Skokie, IL 60077
Telephone: (847) 470-7298
Hours: M-F: 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.; Sat-Sun: Closed

Address: 69 W. Washington Suite 1600 Chicago, Illinois
Phone Number: (312) 603-0600
Fax: (312) 603-9860
Parent Organization: Cook County

The Public Defender is appointed by the judge when an individual is not able to afford an attorney (55 ILCS 5/3-4006). A Public Defender should be available to individuals at the time of the first court appearance. The Public Defender provides legal representation in the areas of criminal, misdemeanor, juvenile justice, child protection, paternity, appeals, post-conviction and traffic cases.

Website has links to what to do if someone has been arrested, someone is in need of services, someone is in custody, or someone has a court date.

Also has a link to an Inmate Locator, to help find where someone is being held.



Public Notes:

The Public Defender’s website provides links to a “response to police questioning” card, in English and Spanish.  It also has a Guide To The Criminal Justice System, designed for those charged with felonies, a Guide to Juvenile Court, and a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Public Defender’s Office.  

Address: 20 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 300, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 312-341-0022, 800-537-2632; TTY: 800- 610-2779
Fax: 312-541-7544

Equip for Equality is an independent, private, not-for-profit organization designated by the Governor in 1985 to implement the federally mandated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) System in Illinois. The mission of Equip for Equality is to advance the human and civil rights of children and adults with disabilities in Illinois. It is the only statewide, cross-disability, comprehensive advocacy organization providing self-advocacy assistance, legal services, and disability rights education while also engaging in public policy and legislative advocacy and conducting abuse investigations and other oversight activities. Equip for Equality provides free legal services and self-advocacy assistance to people with disabilities in the areas of discrimination, assistive technology, special education, guardianship defense, abuse and neglect, and community integration. Equip for Equality provides self-advocacy training to people with disabilities and family members on topics including the Americans with Disabilities Act, employment, transportation, voting, Ticket to Work, special education and guardianship.

For legal help, click here.

To report abuse, neglect or exploitation to authorities, click here.

Address: 33 N. LaSalle # 900 Chicago, IL 60602; 154 S. Lincoln Street, Suite D Aurora, IL 60505; 62 N. Ayer St., Suite A & B Harvard, IL 60033
Contact Person: Alexandra Sossa, Director
Phone Number: Clients 24 hr. hotline: 847-668-2114 | 815-909-0362 | 312-784-3522

Provides free legal assistance to Migrant and seasonal workers, Landscaping workers, horticultural workers, Agricultural workers, Greenhouse workers, and Nursery workers in Illinois. (Abogados para Trabajadores Agricolas y Jardineros.) FLAP’s mission is to improve working conditions for migrant and seasonal workers in the agricultural and landscaping industries in Illinois. FLAP carries out this mission through: Litigation, Outreach and Community Legal Education.
Among the many violations that our clients are exposed to are:
– Nonpayment of wages (“wage theft”)
– Denial of overtime wage rates
– Illegal pesticide exposure
– Hazardous housing
– Unsanitary working conditions
– Illegal deductions from wages [for visa, travel, housing, equipment and uniform expenses] No client documentation necessary.

Address: Bureau of Consumer Protection
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC
Phone Number: toll free 877-FTC-HELP (382-4357)
Parent Organization: Federal Trade Commission

Information source for consumer frauds and scams, recalled products, filing a consumer complaint, reporting identity theft, getting your free credit reports, registering for the Do Not Call list, and other consumer issues.

Public Notes:

Midwest Region
Federal Trade Commission
55 West Monroe Street, Suite 1825
Chicago, IL 60603

Website Address:

FindLaw is a free online resource that provides legal information, lawyer profiles and a community to help you make legal decisions.

FindLaw has sections to help you learn about the law, find a lawyer, join an online discussion forum with other FindLaw users or chat with an attorney online, or find legal and business forms.


A listing of free and low-cost legal services available in Cook County. Searchable as A-Z list, or by topic area/legal issue.

Address: Crime Victim Services Division, Office of the Attorney General, 100 W Randolph Street, 13th Floor, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 312-814-2581
Parent Organization: Illinois Attorney General

The Illinois Attorney General Office Crime Victim Services Division offers programs to support victims and families of violent crime in order to help them meet their challenges and regain peace of mind. These programs include:

The Illinois Crime Victim Compensation Program, the Domestic Violence Fund, the Violent Crime Victim Assistance (VCVA) Program, the Automated Victim Notification (AVN) System, the Statewide Victim Assistance Program, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program, and the Illinois Victim Assistance Academy. Other resources include workshops, training & conferences, downloadable resources, and links.

For more information, visit the website at

Address: 6221 South Emerald Drive, Chicago, IL 60621 & 36 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 1-800-447-4278 Customer Service;TTY: 1-800-526-5812

Illinois Child Support Service, a division of the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services assists with child support service applications, collecting child support, establishing paternity and other issues related to child support.

Application for Services.

Address: 525 W. Jefferson St., Ground Floor, Springfield, IL
122 S. Michigan Ave, 7th and 20th Floors, Chicago, IL 60603
Phone Number: 800-252-4343
Fax: 217-524-8885

File a complaint to the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding quality of care issues, such as allegations of actual or potential harm to patients, patient rights, infection control, and medication errors.  Click here for the complaint form.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Complaints are limited to hospitals, home health agencies, hospices, end-stage renal dialysis units, ambulatory surgical treatment centers, rural health clinics, critical access hospitals, clinical laboratories (CLIA), outpatient physical therapy, portable X-ray services, community mental health centers, accredited mental health centers (only Medicare Certified), comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities, Free Standing Emergency centers, alternative health care delivery and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Public Notes:

Mailing address:
Illinois Department of Public Health, Office of Health Care Regulation, Central Complaint Registry, 525 W. Jefferson St., Ground Floor, Springfield, IL 62761

Phone Number: 312-977-9047

Evanston Public Library partners with Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) as a Legal Self-Help Center.

A legal self-help center is a place where you can learn about the law, your legal rights, and how to go to court. If you have a legal issue, you can come to the Evanston Public Library to:

  • use a computer for free,
  • search online for answers to your legal questions,
  • chat online with legal navigators,
  • find and prepare court forms,
  • get referrals for additional legal assistance, and
  • get other help navigating the ILAO website and services.

ILAO is an independent nonprofit organization that provides web-based legal help and information for lower-income Illinoisans.

Also see link to Cook County Legal Help Tool Kit online.
Para ayuda en Español:
Informacje prawne w jezyku polskim.

Parent Organization: Illinois Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice has approved standardized forms (available at the link), which are required to be accepted in all Illinois courts, in the following areas:

  • Appearance
  • Divorce
  • Expungement and Sealing
  • Fee Waiver
  • Financial Affidavit Suite
  • Interpreter Request
  • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Motion
  • Name Change
  • Proof of Delivery
Address: 100 W Randolph St Suite 8-200 Chicago, IL 60601
Website Address:
Phone Number: (312) 814-6611

Public information on the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. For fee schedule information, go to the “Frequently Asked Medical Questions” web page at

Address: 1900A Dempster, Evanston, IL
Contact Person: Charles Jefferson, Communications Manager
Phone Number: 847-492-1410
Fax: 847-859-5836

The Moran Center’s attorneys and social workers provide integrated legal and social work services to address the critical needs of Evanston youth and their families. The Moran Center’s services are free to qualifying individuals. Our Expungement & Sealing Help Desk at the Skokie Courthouse serves any individual with a Cook County criminal record, regardless of age or income. For all other programs, participants must be (1) 26 or younger (or a parent of someone 26 or younger), (2) at or below 80% of poverty as determined by HUD, and (3) reside within the City of Evanston or attend school in Evanston.

We believe all children and their families deserve quality legal representation regardless of their ability to pay. Our talented, experienced legal team advocates for children and their families to ensure they have equal access to justice in:

Our legal representation is combined with social work services for a non-traditional approach that leverages the request for legal assistance to help youth and their families address social and emotional challenges at home, in school, or in social interaction with others. Our social workers provide outreach, case management, short-term crisis intervention, and individual counseling.

Address: Goldie Bachmann Luftig Building
5150 W. Golf Rd., Skokie, IL
Website Address:
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 855-275-5237 for toll-free access to all programs and services at all JCFS locations

JCFS Chicago, a non-profit social service agency, offers expert, individualized help to support people of all ages and abilities as they strive to live successfully in their community. Our services enhance social-emotional well-being for adults, children, teen and families.

Address: 73 W. Monroe, Suite 100
Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 312-546-3282

The Chicago Bar Foundation Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) is a network of independent lawyers who are committed to making quality legal services accessible and affordable for regular people by using set fees, offering flexible representation options, and leveraging technology to increase efficiency.

Lawyers in the JEP currently assist clients in the following areas:

  • Family Law – including divorce, spousal support, child support, custody, visitation and orders of protection
  • Landlord/Tenant – including eviction proceedings and security deposit claims
  • Consumer Law – including debt collection issues, consumer disputes and Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Estate Law – including wills, probate and guardianships
  • Employment Law – including discrimination and wage claims
  • Small Business/Non-profit – including business formation, contracts and intellectual property issues
  • Real Property Law – including foreclosure proceedings and real estate purchase/sale
  • Criminal – felonies and misdemeanors, traffic tickets, license suspensions and ordinance violations
  • Immigration Law – including visas, residency, naturalization, family-based applications, deportation, and asylum
  • Social security disability
  • Education law
  • Personal injury defense
  • And more!
Address: 518 Davis, Suite 211, Evanston, IL
Website Address:
Contact Person: Betsy Clarke
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 847-864-1567

The Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) is a non-profit, statewide coalition of state and local organizations, advocacy groups, legal educators, practitioners, community service providers, and child advocates supported by private donations from foundations and individuals/entities.

JJI’s mission is to transform the juvenile justice system in Illinois by reducing reliance on confinement, enhancing fairness for all youth, and developing an adequate range of community-based resources.

Address: 65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Brian J. Richardson, Regional Director
Phone Number: 312-663-4413
Fax: 312-663-4307
Parent Organization: National Headquarters

Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.
The Midwest Regional Office accepts Help Desk calls at any time during business hours (M-F 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.).Lambda Legal’s Help Desk staff respond directly to those who are seeking legal information and assistance with discrimination related to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and HIV status.

Phone Number: 312-341-1070
Fax: 312-341-1041

Free legal aid for low income people in Cook County. Legal Aid Chicago offers a range of legal services in five main areas of law:

Family and Safety
House & Apartment
Money & Debt
Work & Employment Rights
Health, Disability & Basic Needs

Legal Aid Chicago partners with volunteer attorneys and community organizations to offer free community-based legal clinics throughout the city of Chicago. Learn more about our upcoming walk-in clinics by calling 312-423-5938.


Legal Aid Chicago partners with volunteer attorneys and community organizations to offer free help desks inside the federal and municipal courthouses. Learn more about our help desks here.

Address: 17 N. State St., Suite 900
Chicago IL
Website Address:
Phone Number: 312-427-8990
Fax: 312-427-8419

At Legal Council, our programs serve individuals and families facing barriers due to chronic, disabling, and stigmatizing health and social conditions. All of our work combines direct representation, education, and advocacy across the city, state, and nation.

Individual Legal Representation:  We provide free, expert legal assistance to low income individuals. We help clients with the following issues:

Child health | Confidentiality & testing | Debt collection | Discrimination | Education plans | Employment | Future planning | Health screenings | Immigration | Insurance | Lead poisoning | Public benefits and much more. Get help now.

In addition to legal counsel and representation to clients in need, our multilingual staff offers free training, technical assistance, and educational programs to service providers, case managers, social workers, agency administrators, physicians, attorneys, educators, student groups, and members of the general public.

If you would like to request a training or technical assistance for your group (in English or Spanish), contact our main office at 312-427-8990 or submit a request. Our staff will be happy to work with you to develop tools that best meet the needs and interests of your group.

Public Notes:

Formerly AIDS Legal Council of Chicago. 

Address: Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School 477 Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca, NY
Contact Email:
Parent Organization: Cornell University Law School

LII is a not-for-profit group that provides open access to legal materials online. Resources include federal law, the Constitution, U.S. Code, the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.), Supreme Court cases, Federal Rules, State law resources, State statutes by topic, Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), Uniform Laws, World legal resources, and the Wex Legal Encyclopedia, which explains legal terms and topics.

70 E. Lake Street Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60601
701 Lee Street #700
Des Plaines, IL 60016
Website Address:
Contact Person: Denice Wolf Markham, Executive Director
Phone Number: For Counseling services, call 847.824.0382. For Legal services, call 312.408.1210.
Fax: 847-824-5311 (Des Plaines); 312-408-1223 (Chicago)

Services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors include counseling, assistance with employment, immigration, referrals, and free legal services. Legal services are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Russian and Polish.


الحصول على المساعدة



Address: 1123 Emerson Street, Suite 215, Evanston, IL
Contact Person: Lorraine Murphy, Executive Director
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 847-328-0313
Fax: 847-328-0576

Legal, financial, and emotional counseling, workshops, seminars and support groups for women going through or considering divorce.

Address: Philip H. Corboy Law Center · 25 E. Pearson Street Suite 1005 · Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Patricia H. Lee, Executive Director, Business Law Center Co-Director, Business Law Clinic
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 312.915.7314

Loyola’s Business Law Clinic provides pro bono legal representation to Illinois for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Types of matters the Business Law Clinic handles include:

Entity formation counseling (i.e., choosing between C corporations, S corporations, benefit corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, joint ventures, and sole proprietorships)
Business formation instruction (i.e., incorporating, applying for federal tax-exemption 501(c)(3), registering as a charitable organization, submitting zoning applications, and applying for business licenses)
Financial and business growth counseling
Real estate matters (i.e., contracts and zoning)
Labor-related matters (i.e., employee contracts)
Document drafting and review (i.e., organizational, operational, and financial documents related to the business or organization)
While the legal services offered by the Business Law Clinic are at no cost, any filing fees are the responsibility of the client.

To apply to become a client, fill out form here.


Address: Philip H. Corboy Law Center 25 E. Pearson St. Suite 1107 Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Professor Bruce Boyer, Clinic Director
Phone Number: 312.915.6481

The Civitas ChildLaw Clinic represents children in a variety of settings, focusing primarily on child protection (abuse and neglect) and high-conflict child custody disputes. Other areas of practice include education, immigration, delinquency, and international child abduction.

Address: Philip H. Corboy Law Center 25 E. Pearson St. Suite 1005 Chicago, IL
Contact Person: Theresa C. Ceko, Director
Phone Number: 312.915.7830

The Community Law Center Clinic serves clients whose main source of income is public assistance or SSI as well as those classified as the “working poor,” who are people struggling to meet their obligations even though they have jobs.

Cases handled by the clinic focus on family issues, landlord-tenant conflicts and benefit questions.

Address: 1577 Spring Hill Road, Suite 220, Vienna, VA
Website Address:
Phone Number: 703-942-5711
Fax: 703-563-9504

Professional association of attorneys dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to seniors and people with special needs. Elderlaw Membership Directory can be used for referrals.

Address: 208 S. La Salle Street, Suite 1300 , Chicago IL
Phone Number: (312) 660-1370

The National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) is dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
NIJC provides pro bono legal services to these groups and advocates for policy reform and broad-based systemic change.

Address: Evanston Office:
Evanston Civic Center
2100 Ridge Avenue, G-102
Evanston, IL 60201

Arlington Heights Office:
415 W. Golf Road, suite #47,
Arlington Heights IL 60005
Website Address:
Contact Person: Annika Synnestvedt, Medical/Legal Advocate (Evanston); Jim Huenink (Arlington Heights)
Contact Email:
Phone Number: Evanston office: (847) 448-8197 Arlington Heights office: (847) 806-6526
Fax: 847-806-6531

Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault (Northwest CASA) is the only full service agency that provides free services to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones within the North and Northwest suburbs of Cook County.
Crisis intervention and counseling, legal and medical advocacy, education and prevention outreach programs.
24-hour Hotline 888-802-8890

Address: 750 N. Lakeshore Drive, 8th Floor, Chicago, IL
Mailing: 375 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60611
Contact Person: Allie Reid, Program Coordinator
Phone Number: 312-503-5666
Fax: 312-503-2798

A nonprofit, student-based clinical program affiliated with the Bluhm Legal Clinic. Provides affordable legal services to entrepreneurs, start-up companies and nonprofit organizations; offers affordable legal advice on incorporation, trademark registration, copyright protection, and contract review. Sponsors annual Entrepreneurship Conference.

Address: Adult Guardianship Division, Domestic Relations Division 69 W. Washingon St., 7th flr Chicago, IL 60602
Juvenile Division, 2245 W. Ogden Ave., 4th floor, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone Number: 312-433-4300

The Office of the Cook County Public Guardian represents those persons routinely ignored by society. We have three divisions devoted to championing for the rights of children and adults.  In our Juvenile Division, we act as lawyers for abused and neglected children. In our Adult Guardianship Division, we act as guardian for adults with disabilities and their estates. Our third division, the Domestic Relations Division, focuses on representing children in highly contested custody cases.

Address: 990 Grove St. Suite 500
Evanston, IL
Phone Number: 847-501-5760
Fax: 847-905-0523

Open Communities’ mission is to educate, advocate and organize to promote just and inclusive communities in north suburban Chicago. We seek to eradicate housing discrimination, in all of its forms and against all persons, because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, or source of income. Quality housing is a human right; fair housing is the law.

To further our goal of promoting housing justice, Open Communities engages in activities that encourage fair housing practices, including landlord-tenant dispute resolution, foreclosure prevention counseling, community education, and advocacy to make our communities more welcoming for everyone.

Serving: Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Northbrook, Glencoe, Northfield, Winnetka, Glenview, Kenilworth, Wilmette, Evanston, Skokie, Morton Grove, Park Ridge, Niles, Golf and Lincolnwood.
•Fair Housing Enforcement and Education
•Foreclosure & Predatory Lending Prevention
•Landlord/Tenant Complaint Investigation

Hours of Operations: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Open Communities fights discrimination through Fair Housing education and advocacy; counsels local homeowners in Foreclosure Prevention; and works to create better living environments through its Landlord and Tenant Advice Program.
Open Communities trains and sends volunteers into the field to pose as home-seekers – renters or buyers. Volunteers submit factual reports of their experience to help determine if a pattern of discrimination exists. Individuals from all ethnic and racial groups are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information about becoming a Civil Right Investigator: 847-501-5760.

Contact Email:
Phone Number: 847-440-4753

Volunteer advocacy group which promotes and supports restorative justice activities in the community such as Community Peace Circles. The Community Peace Circles facilitate peaceful dialogue to help promote mutual understanding and peaceful alternatives to violent responses among community members who are in conflict.Community Peace Circles work to bring all involved parties toward resolution through respectful and effective communication.

Address: Online resource
Website Address:

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences

Public Notes:

The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a source of open-access journal articles on a variety of social science topics, including law. Use this link for access to legal (and other) scholarship.

Address: City of Evanston Senior Services, 300 Dodge Ave (Levy Ctr.); Evanston IL
Contact Person: Audrey Thompson
Phone Number: 847-448-8173
Fax: 847-869-6183
Parent Organization: Illinois Department on Aging

Through the Illinois Department on Aging, the state long term care ombudsman protects and promotes the rights and quality of life for people who reside in long term care facilities (nursing homes). This is done through regional ombudsmen who have a hands–on working relationship with the residents and staff of the facilities within their program areas.

For more information on the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, contact…

the Illinois Department on Aging Senior HelpLine;
a Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsman​ Program;
a Regional Home and Community Ombudsman​ Program.
For more information on the Pioneer Approach to Long Term Care and the Illinois Long Term Care Ombudsman program, see also:

Publications related to the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Address: 1215 Church Street; Evanston, IL
Website Address:
Contact Person: Sandy T. Williams
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 877.718.1868
Fax: 847-864-8498
Parent Organization: YWCA Evanston North Shore

This comprehensive domestic violence program provides crisis intervention, emergency assistance and shelter, transitional housing, legal advocacy, community-based services, violence prevention and outreach and education. All services are offered free of charge.
Toll Free Crisis and Referral Line: 877-718-1868; Crisis and Referral Line: 847-864-8780
Mary Lou’s Place 32-bed residential shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The only criteria for admission is that the individual or family is fleeing from a dangerous situation. They can stay for up to 90 days; transitional housing services are then available.
For donations of hygiene, household items, non-perishable foods, and diapers, contact 847-864-8445.

Address: Chicago Office
One Prudential Plaza
130 East Randolph Drive
Suite 1500
Chicago, IL
Contact Email:
Phone Number: (312) 565-2600 or (800) 826-8625 (within IL)
Fax: (312) 565-2320

The mission of the ARDC is to promote and protect the integrity of the legal profession, at the direction of the Supreme Court, through attorney registration, education, investigation, prosecution and remedial action.  As an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Illinois, the ARDC assists the Court in regulating the legal profession through attorney registration, education, investigation, prosecution and remedial action.

Through our annual registration process, we compile a list of lawyers authorized to practice law. We provide ready access to that list so that the public, the profession and courts may access lawyers’ credentials and contact information.

We educate lawyers through seminars and publications to help them serve their clients effectively and professionally within the bounds of the rules of conduct adopted by the Court. We provide guidance to lawyers and to the public on ethics issues through our confidential Ethics Inquiry telephone service.

The ARDC handles discipline matters fairly and promptly, balancing the rights of the lawyers involved and the protection of the public, the courts and the legal profession. Grievances are investigated confidentially. Disciplinary prosecutions are adjudicated publicly and result in recommendations to the Court for disposition. Our boards consist of independent, diverse groups of volunteer lawyers and non-lawyers who make recommendations in disciplinary matters. To submit a request for investigation of an attorney in Illinois, please visit this site.

We advocate for restitution and other remedial action in disciplinary matters. We seek to provide reimbursements through our Client Protection Program to those whose funds have been taken dishonestly by Illinois lawyers who have been disciplined.

Address: 321 S Plymouth Court, Suite 3B
Chicago, IL
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 312-554-1204
Parent Organization: Chicago Bar Foundation

Find lawyers who offer limited-scope representation/unbundled services. These lawyers allow you to hire them for a specific task. This is less expensive than hiring a lawyer under a traditional, full-service model.

Some examples of limited scope services include:

  • Preparing legal paperwork for you;
  • Reviewing legal paperwork you prepared on your own;
  • Serving court papers on the other party;
  • Preparing a defense or a legal argument;
  • Drafting a demand letter or response letter;
  • Negotiating or reviewing a settlement agreement;
  • Coaching you on how to appear in court on your own; and
  • Appearing in court for a specific hearing (usually the most complicated or important one) while you appear in court on your own for all other scheduled dates.
Address: 100 North LaSalle Street, Suite 600,
Chicago, IL
Website Address:
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 312-630-9744

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee was founded in 1969 as a group of civil rights lawyers and advocates working to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all. Our vision is to root out and dismantle deeply entrenched systems of discrimination, racism, and economic oppression by using the power of the law to give voice to those most impacted by these civil rights issues.  Areas of assistance include:





Numerous organizations throughout Chicago provide support to immigrants from all over the world. This page provides contact information for many of these resources.  Many immigrant communities and languages are represented.

Phone Number: 855-452-3526

IL-AFLAN provides civil legal services across Illinois. It is a network of more than 10 legal aid organizations and law school clinics.

Its key features and eligibility requirements include:

  • A statewide hotline that provides legal information, advice, brief services (including the preparation and review of legal documents), and referrals to veterans, service members, national guard, reservists, and their spouses and dependents. The hotline acts as the hub of the network.
  • Uniform eligibility guidelines: 80% of Chicago Area Median Income (applies statewide), no dishonorable discharges, spouse or dependent can’t use services in legal action adverse to veteran/service member.
  • CALL 855-IL-AFLAN (855-452-3526) TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY if you are a veteran, service member, national guard, reservist, or spouse or dependent. Call to talk about discharge upgrades, benefits appeals, and civil legal problems like Family, Housing, and Consumer issues.
  • Please call when you have time to talk with an attorney and any relevant documents in front of you. On average, you will be speaking to an attorney in about five minutes. If wait times are unusually long you will be prompted to arrange a call-back after waiting for 10 minutes. You will never wait more than 10 minutes.
Address: 6328 N. California Ave
Chicago, IL
Website Address:
Phone Number: 773-973-4444

Since its beginnings, the Indo-American Center has welcomed people of any nationality or creed. The agency serves over 30,000 from over 35 countries people annually and provides comprehensive support through the following interrelated programs and services.

Adult Literacy
Cyriac D. Kappil Legal Clinic
Immigration & Citizenship
Public Benefits
Senior Services
Workforce Development
Youth Development

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