James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

1900A Dempster, Evanston, IL
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Charles Jefferson, Communications Manager
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The Moran Center’s attorneys and social workers provide integrated legal and social work services to address the critical needs of Evanston youth and their families. The Moran Center’s services are free to qualifying individuals. Our Expungement & Sealing Help Desk at the Skokie Courthouse serves any individual with a Cook County criminal record, regardless of age or income. For all other programs, participants must be (1) 26 or younger (or a parent of someone 26 or younger), (2) at or below 80% of poverty as determined by HUD, and (3) reside within the City of Evanston or attend school in Evanston.

We believe all children and their families deserve quality legal representation regardless of their ability to pay. Our talented, experienced legal team advocates for children and their families to ensure they have equal access to justice in:

Our legal representation is combined with social work services for a non-traditional approach that leverages the request for legal assistance to help youth and their families address social and emotional challenges at home, in school, or in social interaction with others. Our social workers provide outreach, case management, short-term crisis intervention, and individual counseling.

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