Talking Pictures Festival

P.O. Box 5572, Evanston, IL
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The Talking Pictures Festival presents independent films from around the world mixed with brand new offerings by local filmmakers. The annual festival features animated films, documentaries, fiction films and shorts that entertain, engage and challenge.
The Talking Pictures Festival is organized by Percolator Films. For the festival, Percolator Films has partnered with local businesses and organizations as well as the Evanston Public Library.

Public Notes

Percolator Films engages audiences with high caliber independent films that are challenging, intriguing, and entertaining. True to its name, screenings at the Talking Pictures Festival are often accompanied by discussions with filmmakers, guest speakers, and community groups.
Festival takes place in the spring.
Festival Director: Ines Sommer
Festival Co-Founder & Sponsorships: Kathy Berger
Festival Coordinator: Evan Morehouse
Outreach Coordinator: Stefanie Mabadi
Festival Associates: Anita David, Mayre Press, Sarah Schwartz,Jonathan Vogel, Shuling Yong

Festival Programming and Advisors: Kathy Berger, Mary Filice, Brent Huffman, Ines Sommer, Barbara Sykes

Festival trailer: Jan Sutcliffe
Graphic design (print materials): Tyler Moore

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