Grow with EPL: Seed Library

Borrow. Grow. Return. Repeat!

The Evanston Public Library’s Robert Crown branch welcomes you to our seed library that allows patrons to borrow seeds for personal use. No library card or registration needed! While seeds last.

How Does it Work? 

Browse our seeds and borrow your selection. The seeds are not cataloged, and it’s first come first serve. We do ask that you only take what you will grow and no more than 1 packet of each kind (e.g. 1 packet of tomato, 1 of eggplant, etc)

Grow Indoors or outdoors. In a community garden, a pot, or your backyard! Enjoy growing your chosen seeds.

Return After you’ve harvested, save some of the seeds and return them to the library. It does not have to be the same type as the seeds you borrowed. Just bring the labeled seeds to the Robert Crown branch, fill out the donation form, and we’ll add them back into circulation.

Repeat! Repeat as many times as you’d like!

Grow With EPL aims to….

  • Encourage our community to experience the joys of gardening and growing their own food
  • Educate our community about growing, harvesting, and saving seeds
  • Nurture a culture of sharing and abundance

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Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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