I Tumbled, I Tweeted, I Taught: Critical Engagement Through Social Media

January 28, 2016

CTCBLook at the internet today. Things are happening online right now that would have been inconceivable even five years ago.  With that in mind I have to say I can think of few topics more timely than the ones that will be raised at the upcoming Social Media Institute in Skokie at National Louis University.

Oh?  What’s that?  You’ve never heard of a Social Media Institute before?  What is it, some kind of institution or something?  Not so much.  Think of a daylong conference where the entire focus is social media and how it applies to teaching, reviewing, and otherwise handling the topic of literature for youth.  Here’s how local children’s literature academic Junko Yokota described it on the institute’s Facebook page:

On February 6th, 2016, The Center for Teaching through Children’s Books, in partnership with SCBWI and Pajeau Foundation, will present a Social Media Institute. We will be featuring keynotes from renowned social media and literacy experts on stimulating topics as well as hosting open discussions and breakout sessions on related topics.

What kinds of “social media and literacy experts”?  Well, for starters you’ll have Jules Danielson from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Colby Sharp of Nerdy Book Club fame, Mike Lewis the educator extraordinaire, and a panel on Managing Internet Culture featuring William Teale, Laura Beltchenko, Edi Campbell, and Darcy Proctor.  Then you have the breakout sessions which will be held in an unconference format.  Add in a couple fantastic lunchtime speakers who will be Skyping in and you’ve got yourself quite the Saturday.

Details on the event and registration can be found here.


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