Importance of Children’s Literature

February 4, 2010

Okay, okay, I know, I’m a longtime children’s librarian, so I know that children’s books are a larger portion of my thinking and reading than for the average person. Even so, I really appreciate when I find that children’s literature is important to other adults, too.

I was checking into some online library literature and found a link to Will Unwound, a blog by retired Tempe, AZ library adminstor. humor columnist, and library conference speaker, Will Manley. I know, I know, a library humorist, I can almost hear some of you scoffing, but it has been my contention that if you can have 30 minute sitcom located in a NYC Police Squad (Barney Miller) or a bar (Cheers) or a bus terminal (John Laroquette Show), you could have one in a public library. I don’t think there was a person or personality type from any of the above shows that I haven’t seen come through the doors of the public libraries for which I’ve worked over the years. But, I digress.

I was pleased to note that at Mr. Manley’s blog he has a list of 21 of his favorite books, and 8 of them are most definitely to be found in the children’s collections of most public library collections and another 2, Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe are often found in children’s and adult public library collections. Way to go, Will.

If any others among you are Children’s Literature lovers, you will want to check out the results of Fuse #8 Productions blog author, Elizabeth Bird’s Top 100 Middle Grade Novels of all time, as voted on by her readers. Results should begin being posted any day now!

Jan B.


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