National Inventors' Month


August is National Inventors' Month! Unleash your creativity with the resources listed below...


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
The official source for information on filing a patent and searching for one.
"Patents and U.S. Patent Office" from the Dictionary of American History
A brief history of patents in the U.S.
"Patents" from West's Encyclopedia of American Law
How patents work, the importance of getting a patent, and how to file one.
Patents Collection at the Chicago Public Library
As a Patent and Trademark Depository Library, CPL has over 6 million patent documents, some dating back to 1790. Some foreign patents also available.
Free Patent Clinic at John Marshall Law School
The Patent Clinic at John Marshall Law School writes patent applications for needy Chicago-area inventors.
Patent Cafe
Potential inventors will find how-to articles describing each step of the invention process from idea to research, patent to marketing.

Inventors and Inventions

InventNet - The Inventors Network

The center of the inventors' community in cyberspace since 1995, InventNet provides independent inventors  with timely information to help them develop and market their inventions, and fights for inventors' rights and for better patent legislation.

Invention Dimension
Browse biographies of inventors and brief histories of inventions. Test your invention knowledge with trivia quizzes and games. Aspiring inventors may find the well-organized, succinct Inventor’s Handbook useful.
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
This site provides timelines of scientific inventions in several categories such as telephone, health, and Internet. Mini-essays provide overviews of progress in each broad category.
The Great Idea Finder
This student-friendly site contains succinct descriptions of inventions and brief inventor biographies. Timelines of innovations in ancient times and 15th Century to the present may also be found.
Time Magazine’s Annual "Coolest Inventions" List and Best Inventions of 2006
Discover the latest innovations in six categories: Music & Fashion, Health & Safety, Gadgets & Robots, Transportation, Extreme Sports, and Light & Dark.
Technology in America
The telephone, television, and New York Subway are featured on this PBS American Experience series. View transcripts of the PBS films, images, and biographies of key inventors. Timelines and Forgotten Inventors also featured. - Inventors
Inventor biographies (including African American, children and women inventors), famous inventions from the 11th Century to the present, and guides to the invention and patent process.
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