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This page is designed to help you research the 2008 elections. Included are links to print and online resources. Many of the online resources may be new to you, so make sure to check them out.

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Online Research Resources

Listed below are online resources available through the Evanston Public Library (EPL).

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General Newspapers, Magazines and Websites

Use these sources to find information on all of the assignment topics. provides general information on candidates and the issues.

Evanston Public Library's 2008 Election Webliography -provides information on a variety of sources including, and a Voter Guide to the 2008 Election.

external image librarycard_smallest.gifInfotrac General Reference Center Gold

Use the following subject headings to gather information from this database that contains full text articles from of general interest and business magazines and newspapers:
  • [Candidate Name] -- Beliefs, Opinions and Attitudes (for example: Barack Obama -- Beliefs, Opinions and Attitudes)
  • Economic Policy
  • Elections -- United States
  • International Affairs
  • Political Campaigns -- Analysis
  • Political Campaigns -- Comparative Analysis
  • Presidential Candidates -- Political Activity
  • United States Foreign Relations

Infotrac will search the following publications online which are available in EPL's print holdings:
CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Weekly
CQ Researcher

external image librarycard_smallest.gifNewsbank - this resource allows you to search local and national newspapers and magazines including the major Chicago newspapers, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, US News and World Reports, Time, Newsweek and more.
  • [Candidate Name] - for example: "John McCain"
  • Economic policy
  • Presidential election (2008)
  • Presidential election (2008) AND candidates
  • Political campaigns
  • Political parties

external image librarycard_smallest.gifNewsbank: Special Reports Presidential Campaign 2008 - this resource contains information specific to the 2008 campaign.

external image librarycard_smallest.gifNew York Times Historical - this resource provides information from the New York Times from 1851-2003.

NPR: Election 2008: Candidates on the Issues - this resource provides overview information on the two presidential candidate's views on various issues, including medicare, foreign aid, abortion and homeland security spending




These sources provide information specific to the economy
New York Times: United States Economy



Print Reference Resources

The following are print resources located in the library on the third floor. You can refer to the library floor plan to find your way around


General Politics

You may find information on each assignment topic in these resources

The Almanac of American Politics 2008. Barone,M, G. Ujifusa, and D. Matthews, compilers. Washington, DC : National Journal. [1988-present] In depth profiles of each governor and member of congress including census data, campaign expenditures, and voting records. Will help in gathering general information about each candidate. R 328.73 BAR 2008

CQ Researcher. Congressional Quarterly. Washington, DC : Congressional Quarterly, Inc. [1991- present ]
In depth coverage of political events and issues. Search using Infotrac or browse current issues. Current issues available in the periodicals department on the third floor.

CQ Weekly. Congressional Quarterly. Washington, DC : Congressional Quarterly, Inc. [1998-present]
Publication analyzing legislation. Search using Infotrac or browse the issues on the shelf. R 328.73 C76

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature. H.W. Wilson. Minneapolis, MN : H.W. Wilson, Co. [1900-present].

Use this guide to find articles in periodicals on the assignment topics. R 050 R22



Economyexternal image librarycard_smallest.gif

Search Wall Street Journal abstracts to find articles of interest. Available in the periodicals department on the third floor in print or on microfilm (if more than 5 months old.


International/Foreign Affairs

Perspectives on Politics - Use the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature to find relevant articles in this quarterly periodical focusing on international relations. Available in the periodicals department on the third floor.




Below are citation guidelines for MLA as specified in your assignment:

Dominican University MLA Style Guide
Purdue University OWL Writing Lab
University of Richmond's Writing Center Guide



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