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Butter / Erin Jade Lange PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 August 2015 00:00

altButter is an okay book with a strange idea behind it. Butter decides that at his 423 pounds he doesn't need to live anymore so he sets up a website where he will do a live video of him eating himself to death. Then he becomes popular because of his messed up idea and when his expiration date arrives he has to decide weather he wants to be a coward and live or be a legend and eat himself to death.  

(Kristen, Evanston teen)

Challenger Deep / Neal Shusterman PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 August 2015 12:42

Caden Bosch is altheaded towards the deepest part of the ocean--in fact, the deepest point on Earth--Challenger Deep, the southern part of the Marianas Trench. He's headed there with a crew of mutinous misfits, a talking pirate and a captain who fills Caden's head with thoughts of both profound wisdom and utter absurdity. At the same time, Caden pretends to join his high school's track team. Instead, he wanders around town for miles. His two friends begin to notice his increasingly odd behavior but think little of it. When Caden is made the ship's artist-in-residence, he begins to record the crew's journey through images. 


Through carefully written prose and alternating chapters, Caden's reality becomes revealed to the reader. We discover, at nearly the same time as Caden, who the characters of Caden's orchestrated fantasy are and why they do what they do. Neal Shusterman's Challenger Deep is a poignant journey into the sea of a broken mind and the lengths it takes to swim to the surface. For fans of USA's "Mr. Robot," Challenger Deep is a must read. 


(Ashley, the Loft)

The Heir / Kiera Cass PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 August 2015 00:00

altBeing a huge Selection fan, I got this book the day it came out, and finished it a short while later. It was very good. I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the first three, but it was still a great read nonetheless. The B&N edition had pictures in it as well.

Basically, The Heir takes place 20 years after the events of the first three books, and it follows the selection of Maxon and America’s daughter Eadlyn, heir to the Iléan throne. The only thing I was peeved about, is Eadlyn. She’s kind of snobby, whiney bitch. Which is very surprising considering her parents are anything but. I wish Cass would have referenced what became the other girls from America’s selection. Specifically Kriss. The only mention of them, besides Marlee who makes appearances, is a library called the “Newsome Library” and America’s references to her without using her name. Remember Celeste? Anyways, I don’t exactly understand why some of the suiters that are left aren’t all that attractive. I mean, why can’t their descriptions be modified to be handsome. I guess the man I’m rooting for is Kile Woodwork. They’ve known each other since they were babies because he’s Marlee Woodwork’s (nee Tames, America’s best friend during her selection) son. And then there was that cliff hanger. I am so worried about my favorite character.

All in all, The Heir is definitely worth your time.  

(Isabella, Evanston teen)

The Trouble With Half a Moon / Danette Vigilante PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 August 2015 00:00

altThe plot is very sad, about an child who is being abused, and a family with a son who died. But once you start reading you can't stop and it is very funny.

The Trouble With Half a Moon is sad, but very well written! Makes you want to read to the end.

(Abby, Evanston teen)


The Raft / S.A. Bodenthe PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 August 2015 00:00

altThe Raft is a very exciting book. Keeps you hooked all the way until the end. Also has many unveiling secrets that completely shock you with passion to read more.

(Matias, Evanston teen)


Beneath / Roland Smith PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 August 2015 00:00

altPat’s brother Coop was always a little different. He stays up all night and he has a thing for tunneling and being underground. Coop doesn’t do email or phones. So when he disappears for over  a year Pat knows something’s up and then one day he receives a letter and a recorder with more than just message from his brother.  Pat determined to track down his brother based on the recordings he sent and makes his way to New York City only to find that his brother has done the unthinkable he’s gone beneath.  Beneath being way under the City of New York and now Pat has to confront his fears and go after him.  Once he does his mind is blown at what and who he finds under the streets. Beneath is an awesome read, there’s great pacing and action and the development of what actually exists under New York and why will keep readers engaged. 

(Renee, the Loft)

The Royal We / Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 July 2015 00:00

altEver heard of the popular blog “Go Fug Yourself”? Well, its creators have come out with their third book. While technically directed at adults (I mean, who cares? Every teenage girl adores Princess Kate) teens like me will have a blast with this. Don’t let the fact that it’s basically a FanfiFction story of Will and Kate keep you from reading it. There are so many characters and plot twists that make the story so uniquely its own.

Anyway, the plot is very familiar, and it goes something like this: American Bex Porter is spending a year of college abroad at Oxford University. There, she meets and falls in love with Prince Nicholas (Nick), the heir to the British throne. Then of course there’s Freddy, Nick’s younger brother who enjoys sleeping around and can’t seem to settle down. He’s basically Prince Harry. I mean, he even has ginger hair! Then there’s Lacey, Bex’s twin sister who seems to enjoy the spotlight a little too much. There are many more awesome characters, including Nick’s mother, Emma, Princess of Wales, who is out of her mind. Literally. Another amazing thing about the book? It takes place over almost a decade, from late teens to late twenties.

The Royal We is so great. I could go on and on about it for hours. And while, it’s over 400 pages long, you’ll find it to be a quick read and will be disappointed when it ends. Everyone, myself included, will find themselves hoping for a sequel. With royal babies!!!  

(Isabella, Evanston teen)

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