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My Stroke of Insight

Taylor, Jill Bolte. My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey. 2006. (616.81 Taylo.J)

This is a non-fiction account of a brain scientist who suffers a severe stroke in her 30's. What makes the book so fascinating is that we get an "inside" look at what if feels like to have a stroke and an understanding of brain function. The author describes in great detail everything that happened to her during the first few days after her stroke. Taylor's background makes this a very interesting book. It is quite short and a quick read for anyone interested in brain function and general health. (Susan N.)


The Last Olympian

Riordan, Rick. The Last Olympian. 2009. (J Riord.R)

Percy Jackson, now in his fifth year at "Camp Half Blood," the camp for sons and daughters of the gods, with titans and monsters threatening on all sides, anticipates his greatest challenge to date: his first kiss. Although Kronos, the leader of the titans and father of Zeus plans to destroy not only Mt. Olympus but Percy's own New York City, Percy is distracted by his conflicting feelings for fellow hero Annabeth and his attraction to the mortal girl Rachel. Are the girls his friends? Would one of them want to be his girlfriend? Thankfully, Percy has little time for heartache as Kronos's army encroaches on Long Island Sound. With the help of his friends Grover (the satyr), Annabeth (the daughter of Athena), Nico (the son of Hades), and Tyson (a cyclops), Percy must figure out how to stop Kronos and save Mt. Olympus before his own world is destroyed. (Chris E.)



McLaughlin, Emma. Dedication. 2007. (Fiction Mclau.E)

This book flips back and forth, chapter by chapter, from the protagonist's present back to her teen years. While I am way too old for a teen-age romance, and one may think it horrifying to remember and relive all the indignities of youth, I found it to be somewhat realistic and touching at points as she sorts out her past to inform her present. It was kind of fun to take a short trip back. It was a good summer read. (Melanie T.)



The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

McCall Smith, Alexander. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. 1998. (Mystery Mccal.A)

This is the first book in a marvelous series that I would highly recommend. Mr. McCall Smith has created a light, sweet novel with a charming protagonist. The writing is light and easy to read, and the plots, while not complicating or exciting, are captivating. It captures the world of Botswana in a clear, loving way. I feel like I have visited the country and made friends there who have exposed me to the culture. The book is called a mystery but the mysteries are not of your typical variety. They are little slices of everyday life that are fascinating while still easy to identify with. And the protagonist is such a well-developed and likeable character that you truly come to care for her as well as for all of the other well-developed characters. I think you will probably find it as wonderful as I did and also go and read the whole series immediately. (Theresa Z.)


The Nine

Toobin, Jeffrey. The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court. 2007. (347.7326 Toobi.J)

A great book - insight, analysis and anecdotes regarding the Supreme Court. Very clearly and interestingly written. Highly recommended. (Lenore W.)


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