Life as a Food Ghostwriter

March 14, 2012

Julia Moskin has a juicy article in the New York Times about working as a food/cookbook ghostwriter. Since ghostwriters are typically relegated to anonymity, below is just a partial list of cookbooks which were authored by celebrity chefs, but written by ghosts.

Ghostwriter: Julia Moskin

Bobby Flay:

Gale Gand:

Rafael Palomino:

According to Ms. Moskin, “the authors most likely to write and thoroughly test their own work are trained cooks who do not work in restaurants and obsessive hobbyist cooks” (see examples below).

Trained Cooks

  • Molly Stevens
  • Deborah Madison
  • Grace Young

Hobbyist Cooks

  • Jennifer McLagan
  • Barbara Kafka

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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