Look to the stars with our new Divination Series

Most think about their public library as a place to learn about the past. But if you’re curious about the future — your future — we may be able to help with that too.

The Library launches its new Divination Series this month. Led by Brooke Strodder, Northwestern University psychology graduate and emerging diviner, the three-part Divination Series will teach participants the ins and outs of popular future-telling methods and present new tools to deepen intuition and self-understanding. All events will be held at the Robert Crown Branch, but they will also be Zoom accessible.

Strodder bonded over astrology with her mother, who taught her much of what she knows at a young age. Within the past few years, Strodder began educating herself about Tarot and other forms of divination, which became a valuable way to tap into her intuition. In big and small ways, she said, the insights she’s gained from divination have held truth for her. It’s a practice that can expand your perspective and your understanding of the world around you, Stodder said.

“For a multitude of reasons, people can feel too drained to really be able to see outside of their immediate circumstances,” she said. “Divination can help you both connect with yourself and also understand that you’re just one part of this really big universe. There are things that are within your control, and things that are without.”

Strodder’s goal for the series is to open up the world of divination to anyone who has an interest in understanding more about themselves and their future, regardless of their experience level with tarot or astrology. Even with the plethora of resources available today, Strodder said it’s a difficult world of knowledge to break into on your own.

“Sometimes when you just do simple Google searches, it can be very overwhelming because there’s not usually a beginner’s guide,” she said. “You can find all sorts of information or misinformation. I hope that the series can just set up attendees to have a strong foundation.”

The series will begin with an Intro to Tarot session on Tuesday, May 17, at 6:30 p.m. Next, Strodder will shift the focus to the stars with Intro to Astrology on Wednesday, June 1, at 6:30 p.m. On Tuesday, June 21 at 6:30 p.m. Strodder will hold the final session, Applying Astrology to Tarot, and explain the synergy behind the two practices previously discussed. She recommends attending the first two sessions before the third.

Divination can lead to real benefits in your sense of well-being and your outlook, Strodder said. It’s not just about seeing the future — it’s about seeking your destiny.

“It’s really for understanding the unknown,” Strodder said. “If someone is curious about getting those answers, I think divination is a great start.”



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