Lost Hemingway Story To Be Published

September 18, 2013

09-18hemingway_full_380Ernest Hemingway’s satiric short story “My Life in the Bull Ring with Donald Ogden Stewart”, rejected by Vanity Fair in 1924, was discovered among Donald Ogden Stewart’s letters and will be published in the October issue of Harper’s. Although based on a real incident when Ogden Stewart was in a bull fight in Spain, the writer wasn’t impressed with the story, writing in his autobiography about Hemingway: “I had decided that written humor was not his dish.” When Vanity Fair requested permission to reprint it was rejected by Hemingway’s estate. Hemingway’s son Patrick told the Independent: “I’m not a great fan of Vanity Fair. It’s a sort of luxury thinker’s magazine, for people who get their satisfaction out of driving a Jaguar instead of a Mini.” Read more here.



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