Nancy Pearl's "under the radar" picks for the omnivorous reader

November 27, 2012

Nancy Pearl, the grande dame of book recommenders and occasional NPR commentator, spoke with “Morning Edition” host Steve Inskeep about her favorite choices for hungry readers looking for books that might not have gotten the hype and marketing push they deserve. Asked how she selects titles for this, she answered, “…Simple: I just pick some of the titles that I’ve most enjoyed since the last time I was on, without concern for whether they’re fiction or nonfiction, genre or not, or aimed or classified as being for children or teens.” Pearl then talked about her current picks which include one nonfiction title, two novels of espionage (one WWII, one Cold War), a farcical comedy of errors, a collection of essays, and two character-driven novels. Listen to the interview and get the list here, and discover more books on the joys reading by Pearl here.

Barbara L.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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