Unleash Your Inner Book Reviewer

Our Picks, Your Picks = Better Picks!

Submit a RecommendationCalling on Evanston readers and viewers! Would you enjoy writing book and movie or TV show reviews? Want to release your inner librarian? Well, we want your suggestions to share with the community! We’re so sure that you have great ideas to share that we’re asking you to submit reviews of what you’re reading and watching to recommend to others. We want to hear our community’s voice!

We’ve just launched the “Our Picks, Your Picks” display on the 2nd Floor of the Main Library.  With the huge array of readable, watchable content available today, we can’t read every good book or watch every compelling show that’s created.  That’s where you come in. We know that Evanston residents are a thoughtful and diverse bunch with different backgrounds, cultures, and interests. That means boundless variety in our choices and tastes. With “Our Picks, Your Picks,” we’ll be able to make better, more informed, more inclusive decisions about what Evanstonians would like to read and watch.

Together, let’s draw attention to favorite books and media that have entertained, educated or inspired you.  With your participation, we can make our recommendations better and more appealing for more people.  (At the moment, “Our Picks, Your Picks” applies to adult materials only.) Help us shine a light on the books and shows you love so that others can find and enjoy them too.

It’s easy to do, in-person or online.

Stop by the Main Library and ask a Librarian on the 2nd Floor for an “Our Picks, Your Picks” recommendation card. Fill it out with a brief review, explaining why you are making the recommendation. Drop it in the clear, lucite entry box at the desk.

OR, fill out the online recommendation form at https://www.epl.org/connect/community-picks/ to write your review from wherever you are and submit electronically.

OR, you can access the electronic submission form from our Evanston Public Library app. It’s listed as “Write a Review.”

One day, you’ll stop by the Library and your recommendation will be on the “Our Picks, Your Picks” display, just waiting to be shared.

We look forward to all of your recommendations.

Nancy Pearl's "under the radar" picks for the omnivorous reader

November 27, 2012

Nancy Pearl, the grande dame of book recommenders and occasional NPR commentator, spoke with “Morning Edition” host Steve Inskeep about her favorite choices for hungry readers looking for books that might not have gotten the hype and marketing push they deserve. Asked how she selects titles for this, she answered, “…Simple: I just pick some of the titles that I’ve most enjoyed since the last time I was on, without concern for whether they’re fiction or nonfiction, genre or not, or aimed or classified as being for children or teens.” Pearl then talked about her current picks which include one nonfiction title, two novels of espionage (one WWII, one Cold War), a farcical comedy of errors, a collection of essays, and two character-driven novels. Listen to the interview and get the list here, and discover more books on the joys reading by Pearl here.

Barbara L.