New, Temporary (very) “Art” Display at North Branch

August 3, 2011

We can’t identify the artist, nor the exact date and time of installation, but Don Westphal from Maintenance noticed a stunning new display at the North Branch library this morning when he stopped by with the delivery. Devised from an assortment of individual pieces left behind by patrons past, and set on the checkout counter to amuse those waiting for service, the collection, known as the library menagerie, was transformed into this delightful tower of beasts.

This proves the point that great literature and great art go together very well, and furthers the idea that you never know what surprising things you’ll find at the library.

It is to be an ephemeral installation, we fear, since curious, little patrons will most likely soon rearrange the pieces. Ah, as I type, a young one has done the very deed. [Sigh] It was lovely while it lasted.

Barbara L.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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