Rachel Robinson, Librarian Romance Heroine–She’s got a secret that’s long overdue

August 17, 2010

Recently added to our Paperback Romance collection, What the Librarian Did is a riveting Harlequin SuperRomance by award-winning New Zealander, Karina Bliss.  Sparks fly when 34-year-old Rachel, a “smart-ass” university librarian and self-described heartbreaker, hooks up with Devin, a hunky ex-rock-star who thinks Rachel’s perfume is “sexy as hell.”  Devin is going back to school in an effort to redeem himself, and Rachel is ready to sign him up and show him around the stacks.  Soon Devin is kissing her incredible mouth–“moist, full, bitable” with his petal-soft lips.  The plot thickens when Mark, a young college student and fan of Devin’s shows up looking for his birth mother, and Rachel is faced with the secret she has hidden for years.  The reviews are in–you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to check this one out!

The SuperRomance series is all about “contemporary, believable romance with a modern tone, incorporating today’s women’s concerns.”  Hmm.

The stunning book cover inspired a Photoshop contest at smartbitchestrashybooks.com, a great website that reviews romance novels “from a couple of smart bitches who give it to you straight.”

-Susan R.


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