Reading Resolutions for 2011

January 6, 2011

The new year is nearly one week old, and by now you’re likely galloping along on a valiant quest to keep your 2011 resolutions.  You’ve laced up your new running shoes to conquer that marathon, sprung for Rosetta Stone to finally master French, and even started smelling flowers while taking Bobby McFerrin’s advice.  Yet what of this year’s vow to “read more?”  Sure, this noble and oft-made resolution seems straightforward enough when shouted at midnight, but without some well-laid reading plans, this deceptively simple promise can easily vanish into the fog of vague good intentions and Pawn Star reruns.  But fear not, dedicated reader.  We offer the following 15 reading resolutions as a jumping off point for fine-tuning your own reading goals and making 2011 a rich and diverse year of the book:

1)  I will finally read that classic from high school that I’ve been avoiding.

2)  I will read the work of a Chicago or Evanston author.

3)  I will read a book written in the year I was born.

4)  I will read a book of short stories.

5)  I will finally give an audiobook a try.

6)  I will read a book written from a political point of view totally opposite my own.

7)  I will read a big, doorstop of a book that I’ve heard is good but have been avoiding due to its length.

8)  I will start and finish a complete book series.

9)  I will reread a book that I just “didn’t get” when I was eighteen.

10)  I will read a book with a bad cover.

11)  I will choose a book of poetry and read some aloud.

12)  I will take the plunge and learn more about ebooks and ereaders.

13)  I will read a book about a place I’ve never been.

14)  I will read a book in translation.

15)  I will spend an hour in aimless browsing at EPL.

Russell J.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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