Seize Your Moment: Resolve to Be a Changemaker in 2023 with Steve Fiffer and EPL

Evanstonian Steve Fiffer has dedicated his life to advocating for social change. As a child, his parents encouraged him to look outward and make a difference. In college, he found his passion for writing and since then has written and co-written multiple books about historical figures and how to have an effect on your community. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 6, Fiffer brings his change-making expertise – and a few guests – to the Evanston Library’s patrons for a webinar called “Seize Your Moment: Resolve to Be a Changemaker in 2023.” 

Fiffer started writing his most recent book, The Moment, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Moment showcases more than 30 interviews with activists about how and why they decided to join the fight to make a change. Talking to the changemakers during such unprecedented times gave Fiffer hope, and The Moment is his attempt to spread that hope to anyone who is feeling less than optimistic about the future.

 Though they lead a life of activism, many of the Changemakers featured in the book still go to work or class every day because as Fiffer says, “you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference in your community”. From high school students to non-profit founders, the changemakers come from all walks of life, but they have a few things in common. Once they found their calling, they started small, played to their strengths, and weren’t deterred by setbacks along the way. 

At the program on Dec. 6, Fiffer, along with several of the changemakers profiled in his book, will spread hope and inspire future changemakers. 

The conversation will be led by journalist, author, and filmmaker Alex Kotlowitz. You’ll get to hear from Steve Fiffer himself and three uniquely distinguished panelists that are featured in The Moment: 

  • Doug Glanville is a long-time friend of Fiffer and former major league ballplayer turned social justice advocate. 
  • Don Katz grew up just a few blocks away from Fiffer and became the founder and Executive Chairman of 
  • Amirah Ahmed is a leader from the new generation. Ahmed is a student at the University of Mary Washington, the co-founder and director of Fredericksburg Muslim Youth, and a digital producer for Muslim Girl, an online platform for Muslim women’s voices. 

Each of the panelists believes in the importance and power of storytelling, and they are excited to share their own stories. 

With women’s rights in the balance, the pandemic still looming, and a political landscape that’s growing ever more tumultuous, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to revitalize your hope and find out how you can begin to make a difference in your community. So seize your moment and register today.  

Seize Your Moment: Resolve to be a Changemaker in 2023 is happening virtually at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Register here

*If you can’t make it to our webinar, there’s still hope. You can check out The Moment at the Evanston Public Library. Or take a listen to The Moment Playlist, a playlist filled with songs that inspire the Changemakers.


Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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