Bingo Love

When “happily ever after” is more like unhappily ever after, how  long does “ever after” really need to last? Is it ever too late to find your way back to that one true love?

Bingo Love, the first in a series, is the epic love story of Hazel Johnson and Mari McCray told in flashback from the year 2038. They first meet and fall in love as school girls in 1960’s Paterson NJ, but when their Christian families find out that these BFFs are more than just friends, they are forbidden from ever seeing each other again. Forced to live by the social norms of their African American community during that time, they go their separate ways, get married, raise children… and grow old. But they never forget each other nor do they ever stop loving one another. One day at the local bingo parlor these two (now grey-haired) grandmas are reunited. Their lives and their families will never be the same again.

This page-turner is a deeply moving story about rich and complex characters. Although a large section of the story is about teenagers, we also get to see how these two girls evolve over time into adults. We even get to see them grow through different stages of being seniors and all of the dramatic turns that phase of life presents. Real-to-life yet beautifully imaginative in its depiction of the future, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the timelessness of true love.

“Geezer Lit”—A New Genre?

December 11, 2010

Baby boomers (and their retired pals) might want to take a look at some Websites that deal with a genre someone had dubbed Geezer Lit. An LA Times article from 2007 seems to be the first mention of it. Then there’s the Geezer-Lit Mystery Blog written by one of the genre’s practitioners, Mike Befeler. And this chime-in from Cornell College. And finally, the LeRoy Collins Library in Tallahassee, Florida, looks at recent Geezer Lit and at examples written before the genre was invented.

Mary B, Reader’s Services

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