This Aught To Be Good

December 11, 2009

As January 1st rolls around and the first decade of this new century draws to a close, only one thing is certain: best of the decade lists! What better way to bulk up copy in magazines and on websites,  fill those awkward holiday dinner table silences with heated arguments, and give us all something to talk about over the company punch/nog/(insert festive holiday beverage of your choice here) bowl at obligatory office celebrations? Anybody can (and will) post their best of 2009 lists, but why settle for just bickering over just one year, when there’s a whole decade worth of titles to feud, fuss, and write impassioned anonymous online comments about? So get ready to roll up your sleeves, browse through your bookshelves, and prepare your arguments in defense of your favorite books of the aughts. In the coming weeks we’ll post more lists as we find them. For now, head on over to Salon, where they’ve just listed their picks for the best fiction and non-fiction books of the last ten years. The list contains some obviously great titles and a few that are likely to cause some impassioned debate, both for and against their inclusion. So take a look, see if you agree, bemoan what’s been left off the list, and then drop us a comment and let us know what you think and tell us some of your picks for the best books of the last ten years. Happy debating!

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