What Book Groups Read in 2010

February 8, 2011

Reading Group Guides–the online community of reading groups–is polling its users to create a list of the most popular choices for book groups last year. It’s easy to participate and become eligible to win 12 copies of a book for your book group. The deadline for participation is February 21, 2011.

While you’re visiting this site, explore all the resources it offers to readers. Many book groups find discussion guides, background information, and author profiles available there.

And–why not complete the Evanston Public Library’s book group survey and share your reading lists online?

Barbara L.

Impossible, You Say??

May 14, 2010

If you’re feeling bored, seeking out a good book to read, or looking to do a little literary heavy lifting, have we got a challenge for you. On June 16, EPL is starting up a brand new book club called Mission Impossible. The goal is to tackle some of the world’s most difficult novels in a fun, interactive group setting. Sort of a literary support group, if you will. And to kick things off, we’ll be reading James Joyce’s Ulysses, the novel which routinely tops lists of the most difficult books to read. Mission Impossible will be reading the book and holding a year-long series of discussions about it. All meetings of the club will be held at the Celtic Knot Pub (across the street from the library and, oh so very Irish, just like Joyce) on select Tuesdays through May 2011. The very first meeting is on June 16th at 6pm. (For those in the know, June 16th is also known as Bloomsday, named for Leopold Bloom, the main character of Ulysses, and held on the same day that the novel takes place.) All you need to do is read, show up, and enjoy. No registration is required, but please do come prepared to purchase a snack or beverage to support the Celtic Knot for its generosity in hosting us. For more information, resources, and online discussion, visit our Ulysses blog. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll reap the rewards: a lifetime of literary bragging rights. So get your copy of the book and start practicing your nonchalance, because once you finish the novel, all that’s left is to casually drop Joyce into conversation and let all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances know what a literary heavyweight you are.

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