Reflections on Life After Borders

July 29, 2011

This eloquent article offers facts about Borders’ history, but more importantly, expresses  concerns  about the availability of books and the influence of books in our environment. While I was not a big customer of Borders,  I liked knowing it was nearby in case I wanted to browse or I needed something.  Boston Globe reporter James Carroll writes:

“The fate of Borders tells that story. The tragedy now is that, with the failure of the big boxes, which previously caused the failure of so many corner stores, not only will cities be left without bookstores; so will the rural and suburban malls that had embraced them. This is a massive cultural impoverishment.”

Do you agree with him?

Shira S.

All Over for Borders, Closing Imminent

July 18, 2011

Borders revealed today that it was unable to arrange for a buyer to keep its doors open. Four hundred stores will be closed and 11,000 people will be left jobless. This was not the goal of the executives at the nation’s second largest bookstore chain. According to Publisher’s Weekly, sales will start this Friday!

Shira S.

Small Bookstore Owners React to Borders’ Closings

February 28, 2011

A sampling of  independent bookstore owners in the US, Australia, and New Zealand shows mixed feelings about the collapse of the number two bookseller in the US.  Some owners expressed sadness about any decrease in bookselling capacity,  even that of a competitor. Others sounded determined to make adjustments and keep working hard.

Shira S.

Borders Closing Half of Illinois Stores

February 16, 2011

Borders’ failure to reach an agreement with creditors has resulted in the announcement that the chain will file for Chapter 11 and nationally 200 of its 642 stores  are being closed. Unfortunately, the Evanston and the Chicago store on Lincoln Ave are included on the list. Keep an eye out for clearance sales which may begin this weekend. (This article explains which Illinois stores will remain open.)

Shira S.

Future of Bookstores Large and Small

February 11, 2011

A recent update on the status of  Borders‘ finances  reflects an uncertain future. Despite the massive loan  obtained several days ago (and  noted here)  from GE, the chain  may be headed toward bankruptcy. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.





On the bright side I found an article about a small independent store in NY that is growing its business enough to expand physically. The owner, Suzanna Hermans,  thinks that personal service plus the sense of  community offered by Oblong Books will ensure her store’s longevity.

(Isn’t that what people say about libraries?)

Shira S.

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