Hilary Mantel – Author, Award Winner, Artist's Model

February 13, 2014

ANDERSON-MANTEL_2817826bOn February 24, a portrait of Booker prize-winning author Hilary Mantel by Nick Lord will be on display at the British Library – making it the first painting of a living author to be displayed there. Although she had complained in the past that women are depicted in portraits as the “passive recipients of an artist’s gaze or a camera’s gaze,” she said she is “thrilled” with the Mr. Lord’s work. The 25-year-old artist won the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition and received 10,000 pounds to paint Ms. Mantel’s portrait. Read more in the NYT and Telegraph articles. And check the EPL catalog for books by the acclaimed author.


Google Adds British Library to Books Project

June 26, 2011

Google continues to make progress on its digital books project as plans to scan 250,000 items from the British Library are worked out. The books will cover the years from 1700 through the 1860’s. Interestingly, Google earns nothing directly from the downloads, however, they claim their search results are enhanced by the inclusion of previously unpublished materials.

Shira S.

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