The Thinking Woman’s Diet Coke Break

May 6, 2010

Before you grab your pitchfork, please, understand the title is not meant as a slur towards those who consume Diet Coke. That would amount to me chucking cans of soda at my glass house.  No, no, the title is to bring you back to the 90’s. Let us travel back to those, well not kinder and gentler days… look here we are in the 90’s. There’s an ad that seems to run incessantly on tv featuring a beefy shirtless construction worker. All the ladies rush to the window…you get the picture.

Crafty coffee purveyors Carte Noire (try saying that three times quickly) have given us an update. What could be better than one dreamy British actor reading excerpts of classics and new novels? How about four, yes, four British actors reading to us! The Carte Noire Readers are: Greg Wise, Dan Stevens, Dominic West, you may know him better as Detective McNulty from The Wire, and most recent addition Joseph Fiennes. Have you stopped swooning yet?

Carte Noire promises a more seductive coffee break, and they ain’t kidding. Sit back, relax, and when you’re sitting comfortably, they’ll begin.         Bridget P.  (Young Adult Services)

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