Consumer Electronic Show Update:Transform your Old Books into E-books

January 10, 2013

Ion Book Saverx-wide-communityAt the CES this week in Las Vegas Ion is showing a personal book scanner that will enable you to take a print book and turn it into an e-book. Voila! The company assumes since you already own the book  there is no issue with  “Fair Use.”  Big plus–the Book Saver Book Scanner will work with popular digital devices. It should be available around April for under $200, something to think about for serious e-book buyers.

Shira S.

Two Cool Devices (of Many)

January 11, 2012

One of the more noteworthy devices from the CES (Consumer Electronic Show going on right now in Las Vegas) is a winner of the Hot Stuff Awards handed out by Stuff magazine. I was not surprised to see attention given to an e-reader, although the JetBook’s features are certainly cutting edge. The vivid colors are a step up from the average e-reader. However, the LP 2 GO, a portable vinyl record player, is quite different. The award-winning gadget can play and record music, as well as convert LPs to MP3 format. Does anyone own usable LPs these days?

Shira S.

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