Poetry Copyright Notice

April 1, 2009

All poems featured on Off the Shelf are the property of their respective owners. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors and is provided at no charge.

Poems are posted on this site purely for educational reasons, for the purpose of information and with good intentions. If the copyright holder’s legal representatives ask us to remove a poem from the site, this will be done within 48 hours. (Evanston Public Library reserves the right to investigate whether the person submitting that demand is authorized to do so or not.)

For publishing, duplicating, distributing and listing the poems published on Off the Shelf in any other media, US copyright laws, international copyright agreements and other relevant legislation are applicable. Such procedures may require the permission of the individuals holding the legal publishing rights of the poems. The one concerned with such requests is not Off the Shelf or Evanston Public Library but the persons holding the publishing rights of those poems. The fact that a poem is posted on Off the Shelf does not mean that the poet (or his/her representative) agrees to have this poem published on all sites on the Internet.

Off the Shelf has a publishing policy that strictly adheres to the US copyright laws and the international copyright rules.

Please contact Paul Gottschalk (pgottschalk@cityofevanston.org) with questions concerning copyright and poetry published on Off the Shelf.

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