Arthur Conan Doyle–Arctic Explorer!

October 25, 2012

I have a soft spot in my heart for Arthur Conan Doyle. My son was a reluctant reader as a kid, but when he and his dad started reading the Sherlock Holmes stories together, I suddenly found myself with a new problem: how to get the kid to turn off the light and get some shut-eye. So, thanks, Sir Arthur, for turning on yet another reader to your stories.

On NPR’s “Morning Edition”  today Steve Inskeep interviewed Jon Lellenberg, co-editor of a new book titled Dangerous Work: Diary of an Arctic Explorer. No, it’s not a new found Sherlock Holmes intrigue. Rather it’s Doyle’s own youthful adventures as a ship’s surgeon in 1880 when he was a third year medical student. At the age of 20, Doyle embarked on a sea voyage of seven months and kept a lively and humorous illustrated diary of the trip. Lellenberg and his co-editor Daniel Stashower believe Doyle’s innate storytelling skills are evident in this early work, and are pleased to present fans of the writer such an engaging and personal diary to read. Visit the EPL catalog for all of Conan Doyle’s works.

Barbara L.

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