Book Trailer of the Week

June 11, 2011

Our latest Book Trailer of the Week is for Dash Shaw’s darkly fantastical graphic novel BodyWorld.  The year is 2060 and America is reeling from a devastating civil war when Professor Paulie Panther rambles into the small town of Boney Borough.  An experimental botanist by trade, he soon stumbles upon a mysterious two-lobed plant of possible alien origin growing back behind the high school.  The strange flora’s telepathic powers are unwelcomed by the humorously quirky townsfolk, however, and the eccentric Panther  quickly finds himself chafing against Boney Borough’s rigid conformist attitude.  Funny and fearless, BodyWorld is a mind-blowing blend of sci-fi, offbeat romance, and futuristic what-if that will challenge your imagination with its visionary artwork.  Don’t miss it.


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